Freehold Update

I’ve always liked Sweet Lew’s for lunch. Not exciting, but reliable & reasonable.

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To quote @NotJrvedivici, "Eeeuuuwww!’

Sorry, but overhyped for a skinny burger. And it’s a chain. Better to patronize our local favorite burgers like Barnacles than a chain from NYC.

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For some of us Barnacle Bills is a forty minute drive. Shake Shack will be a welcome addition to rte. 9 in Freehold since it’s a five minute drive from my house.

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Wow, your first post. And it’s to endorse a chain conceived in NYC to mimic a “roadside” diner burger. Sometime I think we get the restaurants we deserve in Jersey.

I know Sweet Lew’s has a decent home made burger, and as I recall Moore’s Tavern is pretty good too.

But if a world populated with Shake Shacks, Bobby’s Burger Palace, etc. is your thing then by all means enjoy.

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I have to respectfully disagree with you, @VikingKaj - Shake Shack is one of the few ‘chains’ that I think is doing it right! Yes, I’ve stood in line more than once in Madison Square Park at the original outpost, and yes, I’m a total Danny Meyer fangirl, but I don’t think you can compare this to a McDonald’s/Wendy’s/BK. And while I always prefer to support locals over national names or conglomerates, sometimes the local bar burger isn’t ALWAYS done correctly, or it takes a longer amt of time. Having an option where I can get in/out easily and it’s done right every time with better ingredients AND trained staff isn’t a bad thing in my book…


That probably explains a lot.

If you’d rather go to a Shake Shack than say a Bond Street Bar that’s up to you.

As noted,

I also like Shake Shack, but as it’s not worth a long wait or a long drive for me, I’ve only eaten at one three times. By comparison, Five Guys opened in my town 6 months ago and I’ve yet to visit.

This is basically what I’m saying. I live within 2 miles of BK, Wendy’s, and a Smashburger, and <5 from Bobby’s Burger Palace (is it REALLY a palace?). I haven’t been to any of them–nor would I drive 1/2 hour to get to a Shake Shack.

Burgers - shmurgers! I actually like Habit Burgers across from the Monmouth Mall in the Michaels Plaza. They offer all their burgers on a lettuce bun, pretty much half an iceberg head with the burger stuffed inside. I also like their onion rings and fried string beans in lieu of fries.

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Mooyah also offers lettuce buns. But their regular buns are baked on site and hard to pass up.

Moore’s has BOGO burgers on Tuesdays. The Manalapan Luncheonette has a terrific burger every day for $3.50. Only till 3 though.

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Still low carbing I see…

“trying”…Last night at Marbelo I had to try the bread, it’s a Portuguese place a lot can be said about it from the bread. lol


Last night at the culinary most of the food was mediocre. Lots of meatballs & ‘Italian’ food. Eh. However an Indian restaurant named Shloka had some really outstanding stuff.
He had a chicken dish in a red sauce that was delicious. I could have eaten the whole pan. I’ve never been there but it’s definitely on our list. The owner told me they have a lunch buffet.

I’ve been once and it is very good. I still need to try aarzu. I think you will like Shloka.

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I’ve been zero carb for 49 days now. Currently my favorite burger is McDonald’s. Best flavor overall (and I used to HATE McDonald’s!) Worst? Smashburger. Had to choke that one down. REALLY dry. Sure, if you smother it in condiments and grilled onions, you may not notice you’re eating a hockey puck. I will give them one more shot, but I’m going to request that my burger be unsmashed. I’m wondering if they’ll refuse. :slight_smile: Or panic.

So do tell what burger do you get at Mc Donald’s? I do strongly recommend Habit burger if you have one near you.

Did you try asking Smashburger to hold the seasoning? It’s the only way I can eat there. That has more to do with the flavor than the smashing process.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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