Free offer from Penzey's but ends 4/15 (edit: seems to still work 4/16)


I just saw this - sorry for such a short window of opportunity.

Penzey’s is offering a nice gift box through tonight. S/h will be charged but free s/h is available with a $20 order.

Here’s the post and coupon code:


Thanks for sharing. I just successfully ordered the box today 4/16. S/H is $7.95. I added a jar of whole caraway seeds to my order since I can never find them locally.


I’m glad you were able to take advantage of the special.

I would have printed the coupon and gone to my local Penzey’s but by the time I learned of the deal ti was almost midnight.

(Kim) #4

I didn’t click on this thread initially as I saw it late on 4/15. Then I thought I’d see what I missed and saw @seamunky 's response. I just ordered the box–still free–as well as some poultry seasoning, sage (my plant finally died this winter after years) and a few types of dried chilis.

When I lived in the city I was at Penzey’s every few weeks. When I moved to the burbs I was there every month or two. Now it’s probably been 2 or 3 years since my last visit :sob:

And this post reminded me how much I loved their catalog . . . the recipes, the personal stories. But I don’t even remember when I stopped receiving it. Maybe this order will renew my subscription?


I eventually realized I was no longer receiving the catalog and missed reading it. The last time I visited my local Penzey’s I asked about the catalog. They said it has ended but to signup for emails. Then you receive the coupons. Recipes are available on the website. No idea if they are still adding to the recipes.

(Kim) #6

E-mails are no substitute for the catalog’s stories and recipes :sob:


There’s still a slight possibility:

We don’t print too many paper catalogs anymore. Maybe once a year. But if you would like to receive one when we do please fill out the form below and we will add you to the mail list. "

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Is there a link to that form?


(erica) #10

Thanks for the heads up! I just ordered online, and got the freebie plus the discounted price on the cinnamon collection.

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Thanks @seamunky !


@meatn3 - the stores sold out FAST. Only available online from Saturday afternoon on. So you ordered right. :slight_smile:


Brilliant way to reach people with your message, the reason for the free offer … I hope everyone took the time to read the entire post written by Bill Penzey :heart: Great Spices, great CEO