Foxface Natural, East Village

I posted about my first visit to Foxface here, but I think it now needs its own thread (and if @moderators feel like moving my previous post, have at it).

Four of us had a pretty epic meal last night, and hopefully one of the other three will remind me what some of these dishes are called, because there was a lot of wine, and it robbed me of some of my menu memory.

Dramatic sourdough! with cultured butter and pickles.

Oysters, three raw (pictured) and three cooked (not pictured)

Hiramasa, the only repeat dish from my first visit (except for the bread), with - I think - housemade ricotta. There was raw tuna, also, which was even better.

This custard-y thing with barely cooked seafood, which has a name that isn’t chawanmushi, and which I intend to marry. ETA: I have been informed that its name may be pascaline.

Two fishes, black sea bass and tile fish head. Both excellent, although the second one was kind of a lot of work. Burn calories as you eat!

And dessert. A plate of beautiful cheeses, which I unfortunately took only an un-beautiful picture of, a prickly pear (I think) gelato, and a pepper and buttermilk (I think) gelato.

The bathroom scale was not kind to me this morning!


Still, some of the better pics and description of this smokin’ hot place.

All was excellent. We also had a turtle soup that I really liked, but was different (not sure of details) from any I’ve had in N.Orleans or NYC/Bklyn versions. And a plate of goat meat that was tender and flavorful.
And I even “found” (with much help from Sivan, one of the owners) a couple of natural wines that I enjoyed: a white from the Canary Islands and an Orange (Porta del Vento, Voria) that was a little cider-y but went very well with the dishes served. As expected, since the owners are long time friends, there were quite a few comps, including some wines, the bread & both desserts. Another fine meal.
Thank you to Saregama for allowing Ginny and I to add in to her reservation (and to Sivan/Ori for fitting us in).

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Pascaline! I have been trying unsuccessfully to remember (and find) that word all morning :joy:

‘‘Twas a lot of food, though it didn’t seem that way when we ordered, and likely richer than it appeared. (I have not eaten yet today, and may not till dinner.)

The hiramasa pastrami was excellent, the tuna accompaniments very flavorful (though they overwhelmed the tuna a bit), the crackers for both fabulous, the pascaline / chawanmushi / egg custard was delicate (though it broke) and the raw scallop was a different and delicious topping, and the goat was fabulous. The pepper gelato was also just lovely, as was the meringue on it.

A long and delicious meal, more wine (and food) than I’ve consumed at one go in a while :joy:, and great company!

Some more pics and food:


Pickle and cultured butter with the house sourdough


Hiramasa Pastrami (fantastic sourdough crackers with seeds, horseradish cream)


Tuna crudo / sashimi (ricotta, fermented tomato, different excellent sourdough crackers)


Roasted oysters (there were also raw oysters):


Turtle soup (with something cake in the center that was delicious, and fermented cucumber)


Butterflied black bass with Yucatán spice paste and sumac pickled onions


Tilefish head(s) in miso broth


Smoked goat with melted eggplant and parsley salad (eggplant mostly eaten at this point, and goat half gone)


Cheese plate with onion marmalade (and more of those excellent crackers)


Passion fruit sorbet with lime curd and coriander cake cubes


Buttermilk and timir pepper gelato with meringue and plums



Thanks for supplementing the descriptions!

I’m shocked I remembered any of it :laughing:

All looks amazing! Thanks for keeping your wits about you enough to report back.