four nights in london?

Last minute decision to fly to london/madrid for a week, I’ve been to london a bunch for business but not for pleasure in quite some time. We live in nyc so have access to a lot of “stuffy stuff” as my daughter is fond of saying.

we like everything, I’m thinking sunday roast, maybe good fish and chips and something or other the 3rd night. now that I think about it, two of my ex-partners are from India and declared London had the best Indian restaurants in the world…but that was about 10 years ago and perhaps it was hyperbole ( @Saregama ?) though I recall the Indian food was great. Oh, I don’t know, open to all suggestions.

we are staying near tower bridge…the first night we’ll probably be lagged and may want to eat locally but, if possible, not touristy , after that, happy to tube/bus/taxi for good eats (as we cavemen from the U.S. are wont to say).


This is a Sunday Roast thread I’m following for a future trip.

For a fancy English breakfast, if you’re not eating breakfast at your hotel, I like The Wolseley.

thanks for that! we typically don’t eat breakfast or lunch but always willing to make an exception for something special. Actually, we may have afternoon tea at some fancy hotel or other.

The Wolseley does afternoon tea

as does Fortnum’s,

in addition to the nice hotels and department stores.

Definitely visit Fortnum’s, even if only to window shop.

There are also Tea Rooms. I am a fan of trying Tea Rooms when I’m in the UK. Some are great for people watching. More down-to-earth, typically, than a hotel’s afternoon tea, with more locals (especially outside London)

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In recent years, when we’ve visited the capital, it’s been for high end meals which I know arent on your agenda. So, it’s a while since we’ve been to these places but,as far as I know, they are still very good.

Asian food isnt something I’ve looked for in London,as we have a good range near home, but we had an excellent meal at Cafe Spice Namaste. It’s recently moved away from near Tower Bridge into Docklands. For fish & chips, I’d suggest Masters Superfish, near Waterloo station - so good it could be northern.

Middle Eastern is a favourite “foreign” food. We regularly go to casual restaurants at home but Noura is always a good place in London for a more upmarket experience.

And, as for traditional British food, you cannot do better than Rules. So good that our last trip to London (a two hour train journey each way), was for lunch there.

I’d suggest making reservations for all, except Masters.


This should fit your local first night ideas, and also tick “Indian” off the list:

I think it’s pretty good.

In Madrid (where I’m typing this) I like the untouristy Casa Mingo. Goya’s tomb is in the adjacent chapel, which is open (free) until 20:00 :

We are heading to London in April, so any intel you can share from your trip will be greatly appreciated.
We have a Sunday roast res here:

Which could change. We looked at the Jagged Hare as well, but that might just be a dinner or lunch. Also looking at the Borough Market, which is not far from where we are staying. We’ll have a kitchen so we can bring things in for breakfast and light dinners.

Have a good trip!


The Borough Market is the best! I was in London briefly in June and we wandered the market to eat lunch and pick up spices. I heartily recommend Pieminister - delicious meat and non-meat little pies. We tried a steak and stilton version and a vegan one. I was so impressed with the vegan pie that it is one of the rotating pictures on my phone background.


I think London is indeed an excellent place to have wonderful Indian food. I’m not a high-end diner and tend to prefer lunch/bar snacks. I did check out two places in June: Gunpowder in Spitalfields was very atmospheric and offered delicious small plates - I think we had beer, aloo chaat, and okra fries. The next day, I visited Darjeeling Express because I’m a big fan of Asma Khan. Tea and more small plates, I believe a dal, momos, and chili cheese toastie. Oh boy, would really like to go back.

Everyone I asked had different recommendations for “the best” so probably you’ll be happy whatever you select from the universe of good reccs.


after doing a bit of research, I believe quality chop house is a great choice but unfortunately the sunday roast is booked during our stay. Another fine choice, but also booked during our stay, is Blacklock Shoreditch. Based on my research to date, I’d choose both over the jagged hare. If we had more time, I’d invest the time it takes to get out to The Black Dog Beer House and actually, that might be my first choice.

out of necessity, we may end up at Hawksmoor Air Street, it does seem a little silly since there’s a Hawkmoor here in nyc and to be honest, I’d prefer a non-chain (which I suppose also takes Blacklock Shoreditch out of contention) so may end up at a lesser known pub.


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thanks for this, after looking at various photos and reading about london fish and chips, I think we’re going to pass on the dish this trip. I did have a glorious rendition at a gastropub last time we were in town but I’m guessing, as someone who grew up in a fishing community, I’m likely to be disappointed by most of what’s on offer.

thanks, the estimable @Saregama has provided recommendations from her past threads, gunpowder among them, right now leaning towards Dishoom.

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anyone have an opinion on the four seasons for roast duck on gerrard st in chinatown? the FT called it the best duck in the world…

"The reputation of this dish, here and at the original branch in Queensway, west London, has spread globally. My initial visit was prompted by a tip-off from a Hong Kong hotelier who said it was the best roast duck she had eaten anywhere, including Asia. My several meals here have persuaded me of this opinion. "

We were in London last fall, and got some great advice on this thread, although my group sounds a bit different, and went other places.

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One of the places I have really enjoyed in London is Honey & Co. I’ve eaten there on three separate visits and evey meal has been excellent. On my first visit, I had the Gundi Sabzi (usually on the spring menu) which was so good that I bought the cookbook and have made it a couple of times at home. They also always have really interesting baked foods including an amazing feta cheesecake on a kadaif base. They recently moved to a new location in Bloomsbury which I have not been to. I wasn’t able to get a reservation there when I visited London last fall.

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thanks for that, looks like you ate well! We may try the place you had fish, looks wonderful!

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thanks, I’m going to pitch it to my wife. For reasons I can’t discern, after 100s of middle eastern meals, for some reason it’s been hard to move her in that direction.

Plus 1 for Dishoom, although we went to the one in Edinburgh

Noting your earlier comment about Hawksmoor, I presume you know Dishoom is a similar chain.

I’m in London for work the 26th of March through the 7th of April (weekend in Antwerp). I’m doing a bit of research and will post it here. I’ve been twice since last August and this is my first of 2 trips before June.