Football Food

Now that football season is here what football food are you making?

This can be brunch, lunch, indoor, tailgate or evenings now. And sports bars are ok too if something is good. Photos welcome, but please keep your Jersey on and include the food.

For Euros we will even allow food associated with that little round ball with the black checks.

So I’ll start it off. I’m a Packer fan so I often make something I call the Packer Scramble for breakfast.

You fry up some keilbasy, onion and potatoes, add cooked broccoli and sharp yellow cheddar cubes, and then pour some eggs beaten with half n half over and toss till everything is just cooked, but the eggs are still a little runny. Serve with hot sauce on the side. It’s green & gold and glorious.

It’s a great brunch dish, and goes surprisingly well with spicy virgin or bloody Mary’s.


Does an equivalent to our tailgate tradition exist in other countries and their sports?
Things I never thought of…

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Well in Scotland and northern England I know the sausage roll is popular at football games:

I haven’t seen a lot of tailgating the way we do it, but lots of people will go to a pub or kneipe before the game.


Here is a page on Sunday lunch at the Newcastle United Stadium, St James Park:

The food is supposed to be pretty good. FYI most matches are Saturday.

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In Germany the curry wurst with fries is very popular at matches:

It’s basically a bratwurst covered in tomato ketchup and curry powder.


So here’s an article from the BBC on how tailgating has not spread to the UK:


Range Rover picnics. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Cold poached salmon & quail maybe?


We tend to go with Eagles wings (which we do in the oven, not fried, with hot sauce and BBQ sauce). Sometimes with rings, sometimes fries, sometimes cheesy bread. For night games (like tomorrow), it’s likely to just be some pita chips and hummus or corn chips and pizza dip.

And always something green to drink–last week it was melon kamikazes. Perhaps tomorrow an appletini.

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Since you started this thread I will cross comment. Last week I made a pot of Sunday gravy with rancid vegetable oil and wound up throwing it all away.

This week we went to the NY Giants and tailgates some pork roll egg and cheese.


Well at least they won, thanks to the wife beatin field goal kicker. The NFL’s dedication to the no domestic violence principal is touching, isn’t it?

So were those Kaiser rolls you were eating the Taylor Swift ham on?

Also, is that your tailgate operation we are viewing?

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Yes those were kaiser rolls both with and without poppy seeds. This was our first tailgate with him in college, so our tailgate was gauged appropriately. It’s now 10:12pm and I’m just settling in after leaving at 8am to get him.

Normally our tailgate would be a little more elaborate however as explained above today was a “test” for the new normal.

Halftime snack:

Nachoes with chopped fresh hatch, natch.

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Yeah, a little challenging to bring a grill via public transportation. And a pub is a little more comfy for cold rainy days.

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Not JR, do you prefer the Kaiser’s over the English muffin or bagel for breakfast sandwiches? Just curious.

And would it be politically incorrect to put pork roll on a bagel?

I have different preferences, pork roll egg and cheese exclusively the kaiser roll, sausage egg and cheese I like on bagels or English muffins -or- I Love Love Love sausage egg n cheese on a biscuit. McDonald’s sausage egg n cheese biscuit among the best.

Nice to see you didn’t kill the kid :wink:
The egg sandwiches look delicious

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You know what else is just delectable on a freshly buttered biscuit?

A little of Virginia’s ham. So good.

That’s iffy for me, while I like Virginia ham, some make it waaaaayyyyyy to salty.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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