Food News of interest in the rest of Texas

What comes with the dumplings?

Good idea!

Tx Monthly list is how I found Isaack’s in Junction. I know TexasRedTop eats there when in the area also.

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I had to Google Robert Lee. I haven’t heard of that town, but with a population of roughly 1,000 isn’t IT the suburb? :smile:

And what’s an AYC Dumpling??

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Of course. Feeble humor.

The comforting feeling of knowing you’re eating simple, filling and er…uh, comforting food?

And tea.

I wanna know what kind of dumplings? Gyoza?, Xiaolongbao? Wonton?

Maybe (or probably) one or the other of these: dumpling poll

You probably don’t get a choice.

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Small town spelling of AYCE - All You Can Eat? You know how country folk drop the last letter off words, like ‘How y’all doin’?’


Always as a kid when heading to Lake of the Ozarks, a diner loomed with the slogan “Have you et yet?”
We never did eat there.


Not from the little creamery in Brenham…, or from those contented cows they have so many of up there.

I think I tried Brianna’s once, years ago, not sure. Did not realize it was made in Tx.

This thing is getting a huge amount of publicity, at least in Texas.

And lookey - Alison likes it:

The owner of Houston’s Hubcap Grill points out they’ve had one for years now.

Seems like a natural to me. Wait — Whataburger hasn’t even had a chili cheeseburger til now?

Limited time only.


Got to hurry to catch this one this year - it starts today. There doesn’t seem to be all that much activity actually centered on yams, er, uh, sweet potatoes. No cook-off? No competition? No yam petting zoo?

Gilmer is a place I’ve wanted to visit. It was the birthplace of a surprising number of well-known musicians - Johnny Mathis, Don Henley of the Eagles, bluesman Freddie King, folk singer Michelle Shocked and country singer/songwriter Jason Sellers. Must be something in the water. Or the sweet potatoes.

Here is Hungry Onion’s own Sweet Potato-boree, a good thread.


A couple of chains included.

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Yeah, what the heck? I’d just want a regular Whataburger with cheese and all the standard trimmings and a scoop of chili under the top bun, a regular chili size.


Brianna’s makes a particularly good poppyseed dressing. My favorite fruit salad is mango, orange, banana, sliced strawberry, and blackberry tossed in poppyseed dressing served on a scoop of Good Culture cottage cheese.


Bruce, if you are looking for a cheeseburger with chili in Austin, my two favorites are Wally’s and Sandy’s.

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I have to admit I’ve been tempted by that poppyseed dressing. Funny, just thinking of the poppyseed kolaches from, what is it, Weikel’s :yum:. First I ever heard of poppyseed dressing = an ancient Helen Corbitt cookbook !


Thanks! Sandy’s sounds familiar - hmmmm - down on Manchaca?

South First at Barton Springs, next to my favorite Whataburger (food and service are great AND they employ great people with special needs). But I digress. Sandy’s has been around FFE. It is cash only. Everything is good. Out back you share fries with the grackles.

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