Flour, Flour Everywhere!

So I decided it would be fun to bake biscuits for Thanksgiving. Last year I made Parker House Rolls which came out great, but that was a year ago! My word! What a mess!!! First I spilled some flour - ok, could have done that anytime. Then, the recipe called for mixing the flour, baking powder and sugar for 15 seconds. You know what happened. Escaping flour everywhere. Then I added the butter and buttermilk and boom, more flour, this time laced with buttermilk. I finally got the dough done and biscuits cut, but boy, what a mess. I haven’t baked them yet, so I’ll let you all know if it was worth it, but as of right now - never again. Oh and what I forgot - Flour + Water = GLUE!


It’s said that blokes are supposed to be good at baking as we like the precision that’s required with the recipe.

Well, not me. Every time I do bake (a rarity to be sure), the kitchen looks like a disaster zone.


Every few months I will forget the mess and decide its a good idea (for me) to make the no-knead bread. Every time afterwards I conclude that go out and buy a loaf is a great idea.

Then again, I don’t like cleaning up in general.

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Neither do I. I dread it. But I just baked off one of the biscuits to see how they came out - really good. Maybe worth it once a year! I also have the desire to try that no knead bread but now…maybe not.

To be fair, I don’t think the no knead bread creates that much mess for people who likes baking and are ok cleaning up.

This is precisely why God created bakeries, and then she rested, not unlike a good yeast dough.

Unfortunately it is getting harder and harder to find a good bakery.

And no, Panera does not count.


Wait. Did you mix it with a hand held mixer?
I agree, clean up any spilled leftover flour as much as possible sans water.

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Ina Garten’s biscuit recipe is really easy & makes terrific biscuits. No special ingredients except maybe half & half but you could use milk.

I usually put the dry ingredients in a bowl & just stir them with a fork. Or sometimes a wisk.

Also, you can buy powdered Buttermilk which I usually use. I hate buying a whole quart when I only need a cup. The rest used to get wasted. Although - I happened to look at buttermilk in quarts at Restaurant Depot the other day - it was $1.25 per quart. Lot less than the grocery store price.

What, no buttermilk pancakes?

OMG Panera! Have you seen what passes or bagels?


I love Ina. Her recipes are simple and work.

Nope. I try hard not to look…

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My adventures in baking are limited to stir in a bowl style recipes and certainly don’t include biscuits- but a good homemade biscuit is just. So. Good. that the disaster is a small price to pay :wink:


You need a bigger bowl and less expensive moves.

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Flour does with it wants with me . One of these days I might have control . I don’t think so .:confounded:


Um, huh? What are less expensive moves?? :confused:[quote=“Bookwich, post:16, topic:7329, full:true”]

OH!!! :grin:


You know, baking is pretty much like everything else. Just takes some practice. & no buttermilk pancakes even though we get our maple syrup from a friend in Connecticut who has his own trees. Challah French Toast is more common here.

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I’ve found using a scale makes things less messy - only one transfer from flour bag to bowl, not spoon to measuring cup to bowl. Sometimes I’ll work over a large baking sheet to make it easier to just dump the loose flour.

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Better, you need a huge bowl, XL is better. I usually use the one for mixing salad.

For me, I have done quite an amount of baking, I quite like it. But I don’t particular like kneading with hands…butter, egg and flour sticking to hands…