Fine Restaurants Using Copper Cookware--List 'Em Here!

Thanks for the details and documentation Kaleo. I don’t know many in their right mind who would claim that copper isn’t used. Even laymen would prefer copper for its sheer beauty,scientists for its technical properties, and chefs for both.

I do wonder to what extent some of the choices, SS clad included, are a result of sponsorship or other endorsement deals. The copper has largely disappeared from Per Se and other Keller restaurants, due to his AC line. Just like athletes or actresses are not allowed to wear other lines of clothing, I wonder if these superstars have to be careful of what is shown in their kitchens.

One thing I did notice from all these links and videos of super high end restaurants is the almost complete lack of bare aluminum or non-stick lined aluminum. There is some carbon steel but mostly is SS and is generally Sitram, Mauviel, some AC, and some other lines that are hard to ID.

I had to go and seek out your other thread – I don’t think you’ll change any minds there. At some point, people will themselves to believe one thing and start using a selective bias.

I love cooking with my copper. It is an ecletic mix of stuff I bought on sale at Williams Sonoma, Tuesday Morning and T.J. Maxx plus some stuff I was gifted when my last bosses mom passed away. I also have my Al-Clad, some cast iron I have had for over 40 years, my black steel crepe pans, and my clay cook pot that I use for beans.

nice idea, but you realize you’re only going to get the argument it’s all staged, just advertising, etc, etc. their mind is made up, please don’t confuse them with facts.

George - not so sure about the beauty thing. years back I got unhappy with my cookware, so I started down the (recommended best) line of stuff. none of it worked much better than the Revereware. every place said “copper is the best” so I tossed down the bucks and bought some Bourgeat. at the time I wanted brass/bronze handles, but Bourgeat was 3 mm and the others 2.5 mm. if you want copper, go for max thickness.

for certain tasks it works better than anything else I tried. I do not boil potatoes in a copper pot.

I use it, on gas. it does not get polished. it goes through the dishwasher. the handles have not rusted.

I’m sufficiently reactionary that I did consider tinned interiors. when I looked at the life span and the cost/harangue of re-tinning plus finding a reputable re-tin outfit, I went with stainless interiors. when I see the the debate of better/worst heat transfer of tin and silver, I just exit stage left. the difference is so small it takes 10 to the minus sixth power instrumentation to even “document” it.

I do boil potatoes in copper, but that is only because I already have it and have only 1 clad piece–a skillet. My only alternatives for boiling at my main house would be either my PC or my enameled steel canner.

Oh, I got plenny of argument that the copper in haute places was just for show. But after many photos showng eminent chefs using it, the lead went out of their pencils. A lot was pruned by the mods.

In my modest 53 years across the world , all the great hotel and restaurants , ALL , used Copper ,
for 4 reason ,
it does not discolor sauces,
it does not give off any flavors ,
it keep temperature well which allow you to make great low temp cooking
it will outlast any Chef which make them very cost effective , ever cooked in 80 years old pot , I have and they were as good as new .
Aluminium is lousy make grey sauces , Stainless steel contain metal which are toxic , yes they are finally mumbling it …
Give me copper , learn how to use it , the best meringue is made in copper bowl .

Top 10 restaurants in the world:

No.1. Osteria Francescana. Modena, Italy.
No.2. El Celler de Can Roca. Girona, Spain.
No.3. Eleven Madison Park. New York, USA.
No.4. Central. Lima, Peru.  
No.5. Noma. Copenhagen, Denmark.
No.6. Mirazur. Menton, France.
No.7. Mugaritz. San Sebastian, Spain.
No.8. Narisawa. Tokyo, Japan
No.9. Steirereck, Vienna, Austria
No.10. Asador Etxebarri, Spain

No.1 Osteria Francescana. Modena, Italy Yes

No.2. El Celler de Can Roca. Girona, Spain A few small copper pans

No.3. Eleven Madison Park. New York, USA. Yes

No.4. Central. Lima, Peru. Yes

No.5. Noma. Copenhagen, Denmark. Yes

No.6. Mirazur. Menton, France. Yes

No.7. Mugaritz. San Sebastian, Spain. No

No.8. Narisawa. Tokyo, Japan. No

No.9. Steirereck, Vienna, Austria. Yes

No.10. Asador Etxebarri, Spain. No

Other high end restaurants:

One of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants (not sure which one)

Ramsay’s home kitchen

Charlie Trotter’s

Magnus Nilsson’s destination restaurant, Fäviken in Sweden

Paul Bocuse, France.


My pot rack:


You obviously missed the dust-up over at eGullet–many people cared. The rest of the posters on this thread care, too.

I thought the topic was who cooks in copper, was I confused?

I don’t think so. I was responding to the cartoon posted by Joonjoon. I’ll assume your kitchen is a fine restaurant!

Well not open to the public, but the food is serious.

I just shined up my pot rack, and couldn’t resist.

Btw, you can tell those places have a full time dishwasher with a lot of Barkeeper’s Friend:

Core restaurant, London (2 Stars)Core%20Restaurant2

Devero (2-star)

Hof Van Cleve (Peter Goosing, 3 stars)

Hof Van Cleve

The Restaurant at Meadowood (Chris Kostow & John Hong, 3 star)

The Restaurant at Meadowood

Le Cinq (Christian Le Squer, 3 star)


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Fish market.
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