Finding duck legs (Boston, or west burbs/Waltham)

I like making my own confit, but I have no idea where to find duck legs in Boston. I’m out west in Waltham but I’d be willing to drive somewhat to find a good source. My go to chicken people don’t do duck, so I’m at a bit of a loss of where to start.

I’ve seen single packaged legs from D’Artagnan at Wilson’s - but the markup on those seems unnecessary - and when I do confit I normally make a large batch (12-16 legs) and freeze.

Anyone know a good source to buy a large batch of duck legs?

You can purchase duck legs at Savenor’s, mayflower poultry, and the Stop & Shop.

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t been to any of those yet.

Restaurant Depot. 114 First Avenue Needham, MA 02494
Though you must have tax number in CT, and pay a membership fee, I have found it a great place to shop. I always buy a couple of boxes of breasts whenever I go. My friend has a membership!
SO, I suggest you see if any foodie near you has a membership.

I have a question about that whole tax ID thing. Does anyone know the details about that? Does it have to be a tax id for a food service business (I know it is supposed to be)? Do they check that? Just curious if there may be a way for me to sneak through a crack for membership.

You might give Hannaford in Waltham a call.

I’ve looked for them there, no luck. But I have t asked if they can order them for me.

Any Tax id will do. I just stated Other in the business type field.

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I believe I saw them at Wegman’s but don’t hold me to that.

Stopped by my local Stop and Shop (never been in it before) - they do normally carry them but haven’t had them for a few weeks apparently. They are also the individually packaged legs but that’s okay. The meat guy wasn’t sure of the price but was hoping to get them back in in a week or so.

Makes me wonder if Market Basket might have them too - I didn’t look there but where I just moved from - there was no way a grocery store chain would have them, so maybe they will.

The search continues :wink:

You have to have a legit business tax ID when you sign up. After that you present your card. I go with my friend and just settle up later. He has a fine woodworking biz… BTW, I think the place is amazing. If you have a freezer you can save a bundle! Ours, in Orange, CT, has a great fish department. Great Black Angus beef , lamb and duck. You will go nuts! Though it is a restaurant supply food and more warehouse, you can buy some things in reasonably small quantities.

That sort of answers my question - I have a tax ID but like your friend it isn’t for a food business so I wasn’t sure how that works since it is called restaurant depot. And tax ids are federal not state level, so not sure what people mean when they say “CT tax id” (or the like).

They probably mean state sales tax ID. Good luck with the duck leg quest! Reading along to maybe follow in your footsteps. :slight_smile:

What it means is I am clueless. I came up here from Texass and I don’t know what rules apply up here (and from state to state, like there’s no personal income tax in TX)and I am also retired so I have not had a biz tax ID in a while.

I know for sure they have whole ducks- not sure about just legs. Reasonably priced on the whole ducks.

The only Market Basket ducks I’ve ever seen are whole, frozen ones. But given the comparative supermarket prices, even if you were foolish enough to use only the MB legs and toss the rest of the bird, that might be cheaper than legs alone from the high-price stores.

at the Market Basket in Attleboro I have seen whole ducks and duck breasts sold, but not duck legs.

Just an update for the record.

Wegman’s (chestnut hill) carries a lot of D’artagnon products including their whole duck, duck breast, smoked breast, wild boar, sausages, confit, just not the leg quarters.

I would definitely give Savenor’s in Cambridge a try (as mentioned previously). It’s not too inconvenient from Waltham, and I’m almost certain I’ve seen them there.

If you go there, check out the Giannone chicken which is very good and reasonably-priced. The beef stock is solid, too, and worth the $10/qt. since it is pretty gelatinous and concentrated. Great for a quick French onion soup. I haven’t tried the other stocks.

They are definitely on my list. Was just in the Wegman’s area so figured I’d check.

Also checked

H-mart in Burlington - whole and breasts frozen
Market basket Burlington - only whole frozen (but it comes with an orange sauce packet :wink: )

Looking forward to checking out the Cambridge suggestions, not just for duck.

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