Where to buy duck (breast, legs, whole) in Boston ?

It seems to be quite hard to find a place in Boston which has consistently duck (breast and legs mainly but also wholr ones). From time to time it is possible to find them at WF, Wegmann, some asian markets etc but more often those places don’t have it. And yes, if I plan ahead I can order it through some of the butchers etc but I am looking for a place which has a high likelihood to have it if I need it on a short notice - any ideas ?

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Formaggio Kitchen (saw them yesterday at the Cambridge location, I don’t know about South End) and Savenor’s, Cambridge location. Call first.

Wilson Farms usually has duck breasts (D’Artagnans) and legs (in 3 packs).

I agree it is harder than you’d expect.

My trials finding duck legs

For a whole duck, Mayflower Poultry in East Cambridge generally has them. They are frozen so you have to plan accordingly.

Market Basket (Waltham) always has frozen duck breast from D’Artagnans in their freezer case. I’ve bought two whole ducks there earlier in the year when it was on sale ($2/lb is a bargain!) and portioned out my own duck legs and breasts.


Great to know (not that I was the one to ask). :wink: Thank you for this tip.

I usually see duck legs and breasts at Roche Bros in DTX

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Thanks everybody for the different ideas - Wilson Farms and Marker Basket sound promising as both are not too far from where we live. Formaggio and Savenors were one of our first choices but they often din’t have it and need a few days to order it.

Savenour’s actually always has duck, but it is in the “back” in a frozen state. They will bring some upfront if you ask nicely. When you “order” duck, they just thaw it before you arrive.

Not always from my experienceb… Maybe frequently … just saying from our end of town it is worth calling before driving there.

Good to know. But lately, I have found their prices a bit too rich for me and have taken to buying whole ducks from Mayflower or Market Basket and breaking them down (if I want parts) as needed.

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