Fernandes Steakhouse 3, South Amboy NJ


I’m glad you had a nice time. No lobster pics? Lol

So if you don’t mind, a few rodizio questions…

Did you have to ask for short ribs or did they just bring them out? Were they the cross cut ones skewered, or whole ribs that they slice on a cutting board?

Also, when you said chicken are you referring the little chicken legs? Damn I’m hungry now.


I was too busy eating to take the lobster pic. I know…my bad. :wink:

I had to ask for the short ribs (three times). The were the cross cut ones.

And yes, oh my those were good chicken legs. I’d go back just for those. Does that mean you didn’t get there?

(Jeff) #63

I have to confess i was back at Fernandes Saturday night. The short ribs on skewers just came out (maybe thanks to Donna’s requests). Everything I’ve ever had there eventually came around although near the end I did request multiple repeat visits for the skirt steak and and picanha.


Unfortunately I never got there, but hopefully soon.

And ye, those chicken legs are great, at least the ones at 2 are epic and I’m glad to hear you loved them at 3.

I was hoping they might have switched to the whole ribs but I can live with the standard issue :slight_smile:

Jeff how many shrimp did you eat? Lol

How about the ribeye? Is that in the rodizio spread?


I don’t recall if the ribeye was in the rodizio or I just tasted my friends. Delicious. I do recall the prime rib and the sirloin, both excellent.

(Jeff) #66

The ribeye came around with the rodizio. We had a garlic shrimp appetizer and the grilled shrimp from the rodizio, although they were one of the last items to appear in the rotation.

(Joon) #67

If memory serves me correctly, the piece of meat they serve at Fernandes rodizio as “ribeye” is not the normal ribeye cut. It’s kind of disappointing, actually. Looks and tastes totally different from when you order a ribeye steak from the menu there there.


That’s likely the case. One of my dinner companions ordered the rib eye and that’s what I tasted. If I had it on the rodizio, it had no resemblance.


Huh, I never saw the shrimp. I’ll have to ask for it next time.


So another trip I’m under my belt.

I did the ribeye and shrimp on the tile. This has to be one of the best steak and seafood combo dishes around…fantastic meal.

They had a 3.5lb lobster for 75ish or 77…something in that range. I was tempted and the tomahawks were 68

Jr I think we were wrong on the tile ribeye. They are 24oz and not aged so it is definitely wasn’t the 40oz we had. I’m wondering what the upcharge would be for a tile and some shrimp to go along with the wet aged 40oz? I’m sure they would let people do it. I think I will try that route next time.

Anyway, my one gripe is the seating. They jam too many tables in and we were smashed into a tiny area. The reason why I didn’t get the lobster was because I didn’t want the people on each side of me getting hit with lobster juice and shrapnel…seriously. Fernandes 2 venue blows 3 out of the water but it’s another 20-25 minute ride to beautiful Newark :slight_smile: For location and quality food, 3 is doing a really nice job.


Oh and I was kind of in the corner near the rodizio grill so every other second a guy with a skewer of meat or someone going to the bathroom walked by me. It just was not a good spot to take my time and eat a nice lobster in peace. I’ll be back to tackle one soon.

(David) #72

Sounds like dinner and a show :wink:

Kind of like a bullfight where you are the bull.