Fernandes Steakhouse 3, South Amboy NJ


Jeff how are the skewered Rodizio shrimp?

I’m a big Fernandes 2 fan and I honestly don’t recall any Rodizio shrimp there. I think I could probably do at least an entire sleeve of shrimp on top of my meat “fixin”

Do any of you guys have Fernandes 2 vs 3 Rodizio comparisons? I think 2 is like 43 or so a head and 2 is like 36. I’ve had so much meat at #2 that I can’t even fathom how many calories I’ve had there.

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The rodizio shrimp were good but were just plain grilled shrimp with some char on them, no seasoning or sauce of any kind so not as good as the garlic shrimp. They were a nice break in the endless stream of meats.

I never been to Fernandes 2 so I can’t compare them.


Yeah I remember seeing a skewer come out and they didn’t look that moist.

I don’t know about you guys but I think we should get round 2 on the calendar for some rodizio or tile ribeyes.

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what does the tile rib eye and garlic shrimp set you back these days- trying to put together a trip there and the menu online doesn’t list prices- trying to gather all the info…


It’s 36 or 37 bucks on the weekend…not sure on a weekday. The 40oz ribeye Jr and I had was 41.95

Jr thinks the steak is the same on the tile but with the bone cut out. I think he might be right. I was surprised at how tender mine was.

For the money, either dish is top notch but there is something to say about a piping hot piece of ribeye and shrimp cooked in butter lol

An all-you-can-eat feast at Flames Brazilian Steakhouse in Belmar, NJ

A pic from the small gathering last night with @NotJrvedivici @seal and @BossaNova

40oz ribeye from Fernandes 3…

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Brilliant minds…


We’re heading there (Fernandes) today for the first time. It’s been on my to-eat list for a while. I’m torn between Rodizio and ordering off the menu. Because this looks amazing.


Well you really can’t go wrong either way. Have you had rodizio before? I haven’t had it at Fernandes 3 but I’ve had it at 2 many, many dozens of times. I think rodizio at 2 will be fine based on hundreds of great reviews I’ve seen. Also some guys here, as you have seen, have had great rodizio here.

Are you going to Fernandes 2 or 3?

Put it this way, you will be in for a fun night and make sure you go hungry :slight_smile:

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Awesome!! If you haven’t seen here is the thread dedicated to them,. After literally dozens of meals there I can’t say there is any one clear winner when it comes to rodizio vs. menu. Just trust your gut, then fill your gut! Don’t forget to share some pics and let’s us know what you thought!!


I have, as many places in NJ or NY (and elsewhere) as I can (daddy was a butcher and raised a dedicated carnivore) but somehow have never gotten to any of the Fernandes. We’re going to 3. I plan on not eating until then. :wink:


My iPhone camera is ready and waiting. :wink: So is my appetite.


Remember to ask for short ribs, if you like those. They often don’t bring it unless you ask. This true for a lot of rodizio places and even chains like fogo de chao and texas de brazil.


Thanks I will. Short ribs are among my favorites. That’s often how I “test” a restaurant. Have been to both Fogo and Texas. Can’t wait to see how this compares.


Don’t get your hopes up on the salad bar at 3. It’s pretty weak compared to 2, fogo and texas. I hope you enjoy the meat though :slight_smile:

I might actually be going there tonight. We can compare results lol


Who needs salad? :rofl:

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I like the cut of your jib coach!


Gracias! :slight_smile:


@CoachDonna so are you still in a meat coma? :smile:

Last night I stop at the diner. 25.95 for a 14oz strip steak. I had to ask too since all 4 steaks had market price. Are they kidding? :roll_eyes:


Meat coma…no kidding. I didn’t want to eat for an entire day. So…yes, the salad bar is one of the strangest I’ve seen. Makes me wonder what they were thinking. But everything was fresh. Odd lighting though…it made the tomatoes look grey instead of red.

I got the Rodizio and they kept bringing it and bringing it. I did like the short ribs, liked the baby back ribs the least…the ones I had were rather dry. The beef was all good, not sure I’d pick a favorite but the thing that surprised me was the chicken. So succulent and flavorful I actually as them to bring it around again. And the amount of sides that came with it was amazing. I couldn’t finish so shared with the others. Wasn’t a fan of the grilled pineapple…normally I like it but the slices i had were rather sour. But oh that dessert tray! I had the creme brulee.

The three folks with me ordered off the menu. My husband had the large lobster tail and enjoyed it. One of the others had the Mariscada and was surprised at how much lobster was in it. His wife had the ribsteak and that was good as well!

All in all, we enjoyed it and thought it was well worth the cost. We’ll go back.