Fernandes Steakhouse 3, South Amboy NJ

You won’t be disappointed, let us know how it went.

Chips and salsa gratis pretty much everywhere in Houston.

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Jr , not that it really matters but I can’t tell by the pic. Are the sides sitting on a glass dish by chance? They kind of appear to be “hovering” above or perhaps being kept in by the rib bone…or it could be my shitty eye sight. Nonetheless, that thing looks great! Did you notice if they painted it up with butter? It looks amazingly shiny and it’s either glorious fat or some butter…either way you’re winning :slight_smile:

The bone is in fact holding them in place on the plate. Good question about the glistening, here’s what happened. When I cut into this it was rare, very rare, and I ordered it medium. So I sent it back, when it came back it was a perfect medium but now that you mention it, it wasn’t glistening anymore, at least that I can remember. So perhaps it was lathered with some butter originally but not on the reheating? Hard for me to say. Regardless is was a great steak and at $62 I think one of the most reasonable for this cut and size. (I’m going to have to try Woody’s again, theirs was pretty good, slightly smaller than this, but I can’t remember what they charged)

ETA I looked up my Woody’s threa and their tomahawk was $75, so once again Fernandes wins hands down!!

Since it seems my dates last night are still sleeping off their hangovers, I guess I will be the first to post. I had the enjoyment of @BossaNova , @seal and for the first time {{drumroll}} @corvette_johnny as my dinner companions last night. The first HO, He-Man Woman Haters Dinner Club had their first meeting last night at good ole Fernandes III.

Garlic shrimp app
2 Steak on tiles (bossanova & seal)
2 regular ribeyes (me & CJ)

Great food, great company, great night!


I had the honor of being the crotchety old man of the group, so naturally I complained a lot about being out past my 8:00 bedtime. But, if there were ever a better group of guys to break my self-imposed curfew with, I have yet to find them. A great night out without our wives to remind us about our expanding waistlines and cholesterol counts. @NotJrvedivici and @BossaNova have become good friends of mine and it was great to finally meet @corvette_johnny , a really nice guy.

My steak was great, but the highlight of the meal were those amazing garlic shrimp.


Definitely a fun time guys! Fernandes never dissapoints. And thanks for letting me sample some of those tile cooked garlic shrimp Dave and Jeff…top notch.

Jr and I had the 40oz ribeye special. They were wet aged and were very tender. A pic of mine which looks almost identical to jr’s plate. Yup…that’s a lot of garlic you’re looking at :wink:


A great night with @NotJrvedivici, @seal and @corvette_johnny. They are wonderful company and the food at Fernandes 3 is always good. Pictures of my tile steak and garlic shrimp below.

I do wish to take exception with us choosing, early in the evening, the name “HO, He-Man Woman Haters Dinner Club”, as events later proved that “Women Haters” might have been a bit misleading. Putting aside the fact that we chose as the location of first official outing a restaurant that is located on RT 35 among several “gentlemen’s” clubs, the behavior of all of the “gentlemen” involved while visiting the clubs suggests a rather strong interest in women that cannot be described as hating but perhaps the opposite.

Note: The description above of after dinner activities is meant to be “tongue in cheek” and is not suggested to reflect actual behavior or activities of any person or persons described above.

Additional Note: The use of the phrase “tongue in cheek” was not meant to describe the actual behavior last night of any of the gentlemen involved.

Additional Additional Note: This post has been edited at the request of certain persons previously pictured to only include pictures of the Fernandes portion of the evening.


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Jeff don’t let all secrets out! Lol

So a few questions for the he-man group…

When they brought out the “display tray” was that porterhouse the 40oz special? That thing looked like a beast. I’m wondering if that was a larger cut that I didn’t notice on the menu, or perhaps a slightly generous cut to entice people. On the other hand, the lobster looked delicious but it didn’t seem to look like a 3.5. The claws weren’t that impressive from my angle. Thoughts?

My uncle got all pumped up when I showed him my ribeye and he wants to go early tomorrow around 5… so I might do round 2.

That porterhouse looked all of 40 oz but I would have guessed that the lobster was “only” 2.5

What is the topping on the steak?

Roasted garlic

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I took one for the team and tried flames tonight in Belmar (as I mentioned at fernandes)

75 bucks (pre tip) for 2 with absolutely nothing else (we brought a bottle of cab franc from working dog winery…nice selection.)

I will report back but this place can’t hold a candle to Newark. It wasn’t bad at all, just not on the iron bound level. So I think we can scratch this off the hodown list.


Geeze you are a bigger tease than my prom date!! Two days I’m waiting for this review!!! (start a new thread when you do)


I’m not sure if we need a new thread but feel free to start one.

So I arrive at 730 and there is ample parking. It is right on main st and I must admit, this is a pretty nice venue! It is not char but it is not cafeteria style like sabor. Walking up to it, you can just tell it is going to be nice inside just from the effort they put into the curb appeal factor. It is nicely lit, new exterior, nice signs, etc. It is one of those places you might turn around for once you pass it and stop in on a whim because it just looks pretty cool and inviting.

So I walk in and the place is quite large. The first room has a huge bar and not one person was in that room or at the bar so I was like “hmmm…should we stay?” We were quickly greeted and brought into the other room which had three occupied tables and one solo lady. So yeah, it was dead.

Our waitress Sara greeted us quickly and I took it all in. It was indeed a nice place. It was spacious and tables weren’t stacked up and jammed together. Lighting was nice and volume level was good as they filled up the room with some whacky portuguese music lol. They have these nice lantern style lights through out the restaurant with the flickering lights inside. So it looks like a candle but inside we know they are the new fake led ones…even though you can’t see through the colored glass

We started with the salad bar and there is a “hot” buffet style area as well. For 35 a head you get rodizio and both cold/hot buffet too. I’m not a huge salad bar guy so I got a few things to snack on. I got some cheese from the wheel (good stuff) along with 2 dried out chicken fingers, some pickles that tasted like straight up onion, and some pretty tasty bean and corn salsa. Those are what I can remember.

I’ll get more into the salad bars later. Oh and those little cheese bread things were given to us and they are tasty.

So the service was excellent from start to finish. The rodizio started flowing as soon as we finished our salad plates. They were probably watching us, as it was that slow.

Round one…

Sausage and turkey wrapped in bacon. Normally I am accustom to getting the little chicken legs on the first round, but not here. In fact, these were not served at all. The sausage was very mild but had a nice grind. One link was enough for me.

Then out comes the top sirloin which was a nice sight. I tore into two slices and I quickly realized something was awry. THERE IS NO SMOKE FLAVOR! Either this place ran out of charcoal, they don’t cook with charcoal or the charcoal they are using is the weakest stuff ever. So as a hyper critical rodizio fan, I was let down by this.

So far 3 meats and everything is cooked nicely and nothing is dried out, even the turkey which dries sometimes. Next up is the brisket. I normally skip this but tried a sample. Juicy, not overcooked but it’s brisket so it is naturally going to be tough if you don’t cook it for a long time. I would pass on this if i ever go back. Next up some BBQ ribs…yes with actual sweet BBQ sauce… first time I have seen that and I’ve eaten more rodizio meals across the world than I can think of. They were decent but I’m a rib snob.

We then get some nice skirt steak which was OK but just lacking that salty smoky flavor that I love. The ribeye was then up and that was a treat. Not all rodizio places serve this. Next up was a real surprise, parmesan encrusted pork. It was honestly really good and probably one of my favorites. I didn’t expect this.

Then we tried some garlic sirloin. This was not the best…not bad but the ribeye blows this out of the water. That is about what I can remember. I did a few rounds of ribeye and skirt steak.

No beef Short ribs (should have asked)
No chicken hearts, not my thing but to note
No chicken legs, as mentioned

Pineapple with cinnamon topped everything off for dessert. That comes with the rodizio.

Coming from a full fledge rodizio fan, this place was OK for me but I’m not rushing back. In fact, I’d probably only go if invited or if I had to entertain some people in that area. Fernandes is still my spot but I think this place will do OK there. I’m being pretty critical and I am more about delicious meat than other factors. Don’t let my review discourage you. This place is nice, has great service and a wide range if food to make a bigger party happy. I just don’t think hardcore rodizio fans are going to find it to be the best.

This place would be good for entertaining a larger crowd or for people that havent tried rodizio dining. (That is if a Fernandes isn’t near you :wink: )


Aww man I am sad I missed out on this HOdown guys! Darn.

And CJ:

What the fuck is this all about? Rookie move!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I looked through the pictures on Flames’s Yelp page, and it looks like they have a few other cuts you didn’t get. I really get massive fear of missing out when I’m at a Brazilian BBQ for this specific reason. On yelp they have short rib and chicken legs. And it looks like their feijoada is freaking serious business, looks to have a lot of pig parts in there.

Realistically 75 bucks for a meat centric AYCE for 2 ain’t bad in Belmar if you consider that’s basically the price of 2 entrees and an appetizer these days. But I miss when rodizios were cheap enough that I’d leave feeling like I had robbed the place. Brasilia in Newark has always been the bearer of best price/taste for me and even they’re now at 30$ weeknight and 32$ weekend. When I first went there I was 22 and so was the AYCE price, roughly. Now it’s almost 20 years later, I’m almost 40 and the price is 50% higher… and my stomach seems to have shrank about the same amount. :money_mouth_face:

I’ve really started getting full very quickly lately - today I met a friend for some Indian buffet, and to prepare I starved the whole day. Got to the buffet and I was done after 1 plate!!

In other Brazilian news, a little Brazilian sandwich/burger shop opened nearby Sabor in Long Branch. I plan on checking it out but I can guarantee right now they are not staying in business…


When said chicken finger I should have said chicken sliver. They are small pieces, literally bite sized. I never fill up on stuff before I tear into rodizio. I’m a veteran and get my money’s worth :slight_smile:

Do you have the name /location of the new Brazilian place?

That’s good to know they have short ribs. I think you are right. For 35 bucks you can really gorge and this is a nice place. Rodeio grill is up to 32 bucks if you want the skirt steak rodizio option. This place has a much better ambiance, better service, and much more to offer with the salad and hot bar. However, I do love the piping hot fries from the kitchen, bananas, and that vinegar sauce they serve at rodeio

Joon I know the feeling. I’ve been going to rodeio grill for ages now for my rodizio fix. Back in my younger days it was 18 bucks and they even served CHICKEN WINGS! Yes, in addition to the little legs. My friends and I would roll in with my 64 quart cooler filled with beer and HAMMER this place. My buddy Vinny from staten island isn’t too shy. He would be like “hey we’re starving over here. Get us 6 skewers of wings cooking” and they would happily do it and just drop a huge pile of wings for us. Man those were the days. I think my crew is the reason the wings only lasted like a year there lol. We just cleaned house. Oh and the brazilian waitresses there…don’t get me started.


are the garlic shrimp part of the rodizio? Trying to make it here and the shrimp look amazing, def want to get those. Otherwise if no rodizio is steak on tile with shrimp the best bet?

The garlic shrimp are not part of the rodizio but grilled shrimp on rodizio skewers were. You can order the garlic shrimp as an appetizer if you’re doing the rodizio or ordering something that doesn’t include them.

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