Favorite soup recipes?

What are your favorite soups? How do you make it? If I actually have the time I would love to have soup every day.

Mine (a couple of Cantonese recipes):

Pork bone soup:
Raw pork neck bones + dry scallop + a little ginger, slow boil for 4 hours, additional pork meat optional
Add carrots, black eye peas 20 minutes before eating (winter melon/ daikon optional)
Add watercress 5-10 minutes before eating

Chicken bone soup:
Soak shitake mushroom, lily bulb, dried day lily flower, fox nut for a few hours
Raw chicken bones + dry scallop, slow boil for 4 hours
Add mushroom half an hour to an hour before eating dependent on how soft they are before cooking
Add goji berry

There was a veg soup and winter soup thread. So keeping this separate from those since its summer and this can include meat.


Wow, this is the only all-purpose soup recipe thread here? Crazy!


I just made a test batch of this carrot-ginger soup to see if I liked it enough to serve at a luncheon I’m catering for Mothers’ Day. Even with the extremely basic ingredient list, it’s delicious. We tried it plain, and then with some sour cream stirred in… both are great. I was careful not to overdo the fresh ginger, and I really like how it came out.

The recipe mentions it might need thinned out after blending, and that was definitely the case for me. I just stirred in a little water. When I make it again, I will increase the broth quantity ahead of simmering by about 20%.

The full recipe only serves 3-4 people, and I would imagine a pretty modest serving at that.


We have a pot of this split pea soup waiting for supper tonight with a pan of cornbread. I can’t eat smoked meats anymore, but I don’t miss the ham with this recipe. You could make it vegetarian with water or vegetable stock, but I like the flavor the chicken broth adds. I’ve made it many times and it’s always a comfort.



Lucky lunch guests!

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How many more does one need? :wink:

Thanks for dusting it off, tho - I didn’t know it existed, either :slight_smile:

I could have sworn we had a longer soup thread.

My usual soups:
Russian Cabbage soup / Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup, which came from an old thread on CH.

I don’t know why the following thread didn’t come up until I searched Russian Cabbage Soup :rofl:

SOUP - Fall 2021 (Oct-Dec) Dish of the Quarter

I also make Borscht a lot. SLAVIC - Fall 2021 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - #53 by Phoenikia

I make avgolemono soup a lot.

I liked this csiorba with pork meatballs. Jo Cooks’ Romanian Meatball Soup AKA Ciorba de Perisoare

I really like Lohikeitto. Lohikeitto

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Making a 5x recipe of the ginger-carrot soup in preparation for the tea next weekend!


Sigh… so many good soups out there. I counted, and I have about 50 different soups I like to make, most of which are amalgamations of other soup recipes, and thus I have no specific source to share. Here, however, are some of the tried and true favorites at our house (all NYT links are gift links):


I want to try so many of those !


I love any version of potato leek soup. This week’s was potato and ramps (wild leeks).