Favorite Kitchen Scale

My cheap digital scale took a crapper last week.

I don’t want to spend a lot, but can anyone recommend one? I think 5kg is about right, and accuracy around 0.5g would do it. Tare of course, but I don’t need a count function.


Man. I was just at a kitchen supply store and was thinking if I should go back to analogy scale. What are you thinking? I actually find the small sub-gram to gram scale to be pretty useful too. Not to say it should replace your larger scale, but they are not expensive and really help at the lower end. (<5 gram)

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“OXO Good Grips 11 Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-out Display”

Has worked well for me for several years


America’s Test Kitchen named the Ozeri Pronto their best buy:

I bought one in 2019 for $9.75 and use it weekly for baking - have had no problems with it at all. I see it now at Amazon for $12.08 which is a good value for a scale that will last for at least a few years if not more. (Weight graduations go to 1 g, not 0.5 g, though.)

Provided it is in your price range I think the Oxo is best. I have had an Oliver & Kline for many years which was cheap, and has a removable glass platform. My only issue with it is the grams/ounces switch is underneath the front of it… and while you can get to it without lifting it off the counter, it is a bit fiddly.

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Thanks. Is the OXO you recommend the basic model, or the one with the pull-out display?

I have the Avaweigh WPC30SS at home, which may be overkill for most people.

If you want something less industrial, get the My Weigh KD-8000 Digital Food Scale, which also has precision down to 1 gram.

I believe @Toronto416 and @ScottinPollock are referring to this OXO scale. It’s my favorite as well.

When I was looking on the OXO site I saw this one as well. It’s a little less expensive but doesn’t weigh as much.

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Thought they all had pull outs.

I have the 11lb model and love it. I use it every day multiple times a day (including weighing grinds for espresso). IMO go for the 11lb as it would be annoying to have something too heavy for the 5lb model.

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OK, I’m hesitant about the pull-out feature being easily broken or bent. Is it robust?

Thanks, these look great. I still have my ancient bascule balance for hogging counterspace, but no metric weights. So I’m thinking something thin that will store upright or in a bookshelf.


I have a Salter. I’ve bought metric weights to supplement the brass-bell imperial weights. The cat just disappeared a couple of the smaller weights. Of course.

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That is a great brand.

I have an Oxo with pullout. It seems to work well and hold up. I also have an old balance sort with weights. I usually use it, just because I like it.

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I don’t need to use it all that often but I’ve had scale for probably 8 years and haven’t had a problem with it.

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Same, I’ve had it a shorter time but use it a lot. I haven’t had any issues with it - and it doesn’t fall out easily. Plus OXO stands behind their products and their warranty and beyond coverage is really tops.

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Good to know, thanks.

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Julia Child’s kitchen at the Smithsonian. She appeared to have one, along with that iconic Braun coffeemaker.

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Pretty much every restaurant always had an Escali, and I’ve had mine for many, many years. It has lasted much longer than a far more expensive scale I used to have. I like the 11 lb upper limit as it’s very easy with bowls and pots to need that much. The one recommended by Cook’s Illustrated looks very similar.

I have two other scales for tiny quantities. One of them is the one @Chemicalkinetics linked.