Favorite Kitchen Scale

I like Ozeri for every day tasks (and bought all 3 of my daughters one, too). It runs to about 6kg before erroring, BUT mine and theirs do not do partial grams. Hopefully they’ll fix that in some later version.

And partial grams are important when making sausage because I don’t want to be shooting for 2.5 grams of Prague 1 and not know whether I’m at 1.6 or nearly 3 grams. So I also got a Maxus Elite for lower mass stuff like nitrite or even just the general spices for sausages which are often 2.5 or 3.2 grams or whatever.

Another limitation (workable, to me) of the Ozeri is the screen can be difficult to read if using a larger plate for big pieces of meat, so I just tare a bowl with the plate first and use the bowl to elevate the plate up enough that the screen is visible.

My kitchen scale is a Terraillon that is mounted to the wall. It only has a capacity of 5 lbs, maybe a little less, but I love that it’s on the wall and not taking up valuable countertop real estate - I just fold it down when I need it, and flip it up when I’m done. Switches from lbs/oz to grams easily, and seems accurate enough for my uses. Unfortunately, I don’t think they make this particular model any longer.

Ah. Nice looking one. I bet the old Salter quality is even better.

My cat just made one of my tiny bell weights disappear. Had to go find a replacement on eBay.

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