Favorite cookware sources

I did several searches and did not find any like this. If I missed it, I apologize.

What are your cookware sources? Obviously you can find the major brands in department stores, W-S, SLT, BBB, etc., and restaurant supply stores like Ace Mart and Web Restaurant are awesome, but where do you go for less common things? Some of my favorites include:

Flotsam and Fork
Dehillerin (of course)
Bridge Kitchenware (it seems to have scaled back in the last few years)
Fantes, although I preferred their site before it was rearranged
JB Prince (especially for molds)
Cook’s Atelier (pricey but cool stuff)
Etsy for old, tinned copper, old porcelain, tinned molds, and wooden items
French Dry Goods, Rough Linen, and I Dream of France for linen items and tablecloths and placemats

Technivorm moccamaster:

Aliexpress: (knives, sharp;eners)

Global kitchen Japan:

Berondi (demeyere, Staub, in Europe)


picclick search for EBAY:

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Hmm. If we count knives as cookware, then my favorite knife stores are:
CCK store in Canada
CHAN CHI KEE CULTERY - Kitchen Supplies - 4300 Steeles Avenue E, Markham, ON - Phone Number - Yelp
, Japanesechefknives from online Japanese Knives | Japanese Chef Knives & Kitchen Knives Store (japanesechefsknife.com)
and Korin in NYC. Japanese Chef Knives, Tableware, Kitchenware and Restaurant Supplies | Korin
If we are talking about cookware on stove, then it is tough. I get them all over the places. My favorite are:

  1. a hand hammered wok which I bought online
  2. a Debuyer fry pan which I saw in a furniture store
  3. a nice stainless steel clad pot which I bought from TJ Maxx
  4. a couple of Japanese donabe which I bought from Utsuwa-No-Yakata
  5. a thermo cooker (thermo magic cooker) which I bought from Tokyo Central.
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Hi Chem,

Here’s the Hong Kong international website for CCK:


There is also a local store near me in Monterey park, Ca., that sells CCK locally and internationally online:



I think CCK handle phone orders at the physical store in Hong Kong. May want to just call them up and see if they ship internationally. Prices are cheaper at the store.

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I haven’t been to the Hong Kong one, but I am aware of it. I have been to the Canadian one a few times. I have also been to ActionSales.

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They do, but it is much easier and cheaper to buy from a local store. CCK knife QC is not as good as some other knife brand, so it can be important to physically look over a knife before buying one.

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That Moccamaster is cool. My Bonavita is probably 15

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Louis Tellier

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Chef Panko was at the Hong Kong store a few months ago, and has been reviewing recent developments in Netherlands:


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Interesting find in a furniture store! I found my espresso maker (very old Elektra lever) in an unpainted furniture store. The owner’s dad was downsizing and selling it.

Yeah. In my case, the DeBuyer pans were sold in a store which specialized expensive mattress and massage chairs. It has a small section of cookware and appliance which I saw them through the window. :grinning: Most of the DeBuyer pans were actually nonstick Teflon DeBuyer.

The only one which is of bare carbon steel is the one with the Eiffel Tower. I actually prefer to have a normal handle, but … hey.