The flagship store of the venerable Hong Kong knife maker Chan Chi Kee

This is the store where CCK- Chan Chi Kee- knives are sold in Hong Kong. Located on Shanghai Street in the old section of Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon, this is where their cleavers are packaged up to be shipped to e.g. North America.

Don’t expect a Sur La Table type of shiny store with fancy lighting. CCK is strictly utilitarian with all kinds of reasonably-priced kitchenware, in addition to the full range of their knives.

Knives being packaged to be shipped to North America. Maybe they will show up at Chefsknifetogo:

Butcher block. The thinnest one, which is a solid ?maple? cost ~HK$250, which translates to just more than USD$30. If I have the luggage and counter space, I’d have gotten one of these.

The loot. Not all is for me. I have not looked into sharpening methods pros and cons, but got a stone from them just in case. KF1903 (or 1904, I forgot) is apparently their best selling model overseas, with KF1303 following closely behind. Their recommendation is to sharpen both of these cleavers at a 10 degree angle.

ETA: About 40% off from Chefsknivestogo, at least for those two.


Chan Chi Kee is most famous for their Chinese kitchen knives. However, their hand hammered woks are fairly well known too. As I have mentioned in a different post, you will good reviews of their woks even in China websites like Taobao.

As for the wood cutting block, I would say that you can get yours here in the US. I am pretty sure these thick wood cutting blocks are made of soft wood, not hard wood like maple.

It is way better than Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma unless you want a hand painted chicken coop

Yes, both of these knives are good. One is carbon steel, and the other is stainless (if I remember correctly). I don’t like their stones though, but it is a cheap buy.

There is the little wrinkle of trying to translate tree species from what they told me into English, and I can tell you I am no arborist. :slight_smile:

Very cool.

We received a gift of a Chinese cutting board that is a solid end grain round. The grain is tight and the thing is dense and seems to weighs a ton for its volume. The sound of a knife against it is solid-sounding no matter what is cut, chopped, or sliced. It is slow to show wear from the sharpest blade, and thus, it is easy to clean. There’s not a cook in the world who would boo this equipment.

That is probably the ironwood cutting board. A dark color grain cutting board


Actually I would boo this board…

The cleaver on the bottom is sharp (pun intended)

The cleaver on the bottom is edgy

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I must have one chop chop

The cleaver on the bottom has an edge
The cleaver on the bottom is tough as steel
The cleaver grind on the bottom has true grit.

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Are we done?!

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I came across a list of some Hong Kong handy craft shops today. Saw another cutlery place on the list.

Chan Wah Kee Cutlery Store (HK) 陳華記(利器專門店) is operated by a eighty-year-old Man-Mr. Chan ( 陳華記 ), one of Asia’s few master knife-sharpeners , who is using 9 differnt stones to grind each blade.

258-278 Temple Street, 258-278 Temple St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong

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