Favorite Breakfast

I can’t start my day without a bagel, my favorite is Just Bagels salted from the Bronx N.Y.C.


Here! Here!

A wonderful way to start any day…

My fav is a Plain Bagel slathered in butter. Lately I’ve been bringing home Parmesan Bagels from Eastside Bagel Co. in St Clair Shores, MI. I build “breakfast” sandwiches with this variety. :heart_eyes:


Asiago just toasted or with a fried egg
Egg bagel, toasted-nova lox and farmers cheese or sliced tomato-mayo
Everything bagel with ham, cheese, egg
Russian rye bagel for any salad spread sandwich (egg, tuna, chicken, chopped liver)-even for breakfast


Mmm fresh bagels!

My favorite is everything (not too much salt) toasted with scallion cream cheese.

I love lox, but not on my bagel unless it’s not an everything.

Sesame, onion, garlic are runners up.

Butter is also delicious on a toasted bagel, if good cream cheese is not available.


We’ll see your chopped liver and raise you whitefish salad.



Onion bagel, Lox, cream cheese, red onion & capers. But I eat bagels lots ways.


We don’t have ready access to really good bagels like some of you do. Occasionally we’ll buy a package of plain, toast and butter.

But since the thread title has changed:

Ham & cheese omelette, my husbands crispy hash browns (w/ketchup for me) and English muffins w/Smuckers apricot jam.

While I enjoy the occasional pancakes with syrup and sausage or bacon I much prefer eggs for protein.

No donuts or pastries, no matter how delicious for me.


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Lately, a fried egg sandwich, with cheese, or with cheese and bacon.

Or a grilled cheese sandwich .

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Depends on mood.

Some days a random piece of toast, some days a nice bowl of macaroni and ham in soup, other days congee with some fried dough, bored days maybe a bowl of cereal?

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had an all trader joe’s grilled cheese for breakfast today:

spread slices of stone hearth sourdough with fig butter; grated together a combo of double cream gouda and 1000 day gouda; spritzed with ghee-sunflower oil spray before grilling.


I have three firm favorites, and an hypothetical one.

Home breakfast: crepes with fresh berries, maple syrup, butter, with a side of bacon or sausage.

Resto Breakfast, Hob Knob Cafe, Tacoma Wa: Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy, biscuits and hash browns, or 1/2 serving of eggs Benedict with hash browns. Hash browns I upgrade with their special version, fried crispy with melted cheddar & green onions. The resto is a jewel box of a place going back decades. Don’t eat there very often, fortunately.

Hypothetical: King Crab Eggs Benny, with the crab being sautéed in butter and Cajun spices, with Tabasco Hollandaise. Side of hash browns. This I will create at home sometime.


My favourite restaurant breakfast is Huevos Divorciados or Chilaquiles.
When I do a sitdown brunch, I alternate between ordering huevos/chilaquiles and salmon or spinach Benedicts. I have had a couple good crabcake Benedicts when travelling, too.


@Phoenikia, what are the divorceiados made with?

It’s basically huevos rancheros, with one egg topped with red salsa, and the other topped with green sauce.

I was trying to find a good photo of the one I order!

Here is the one at Easy Restaurant, a bit of a dive that is open for breakfast and brunch in TO. I hope they make it through COVID. They have been in business for 20 years, and I’ve been eating these for 12 years. I’ve tried dozens of huevos in Toronto. I used to post running threads about all the huevos rancheros I had ordered.


Makes perfect sense - would love that too @Phoenikia!

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My favorite breakfast is sleep! :laughing:
But seriously; eggs Benedict and maybe really good hash browns or cottage fries.