Fava beans?


Chianti aside what can I do with these ? Do I need to peel each bean?

I have asparagus and some other veggies, something fresh healthy and easy for vegetarian ?


Yes, it is better if you peel each bean you will get a creamier texture.
I have a recipe that I will post later my device needs to be charged.

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The young ones don’t need to be peeled- but there is a taste and texture that isn’t there if you peel them.

Favas and artichokes à la Polita is a traditional spring dish in Greece, with dill and lemon. Some recipes include lamb. Enjoy!

I don’t always add artichokes. Could do with favas alone, or add some asparagus, carrots, etc.


I actually have 2 artichokes. Sorta random that I ever have either of those ingredients!

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You could also do a nice pasta primavera with the favas.

Or a risotto. https://www.italianfoodforever.com/2008/06/risotto-primavera/


Well I have 2 whole artichokes I know that’s a process to get the hearts too. Asparagus. Green onion.

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You could do a simple pasta dish with Alfredo sauce Asparagus, fava beans and some of your other vegetables.
Or even a salad with manchego cheese and a simple dressing with fresh herbs.

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Great tips I am appreciative.

Is there a trick to getting the husk off the bean? They are fresh and it’s not just popping off ? Maybe leave on?

I use a sharp knife to make an x in the membrane/skin, without cutting into the bean itself, before I boil them. The skin slips off after they’ve been boiled for a few minutes.

The skin won’t come off easily if you don’t cook them first.


You can leave them on, I just like them shelled and find it worth the effort.
I pinch them and some do need a little help with slicing a slit then squeezing it out.

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About 9-10 hours til dinner I will report back !


It’s a dilemma, for the bigger ones I like them peeled individually, taste is better, the ‘skin’ is a bit thick and tasteless, but peeling means they become smaller… so sometimes I keep them. For the smaller ones, the skin is thinner, no need to peel.

I have a preference to consume them fresh in salad or slightly cook.


Alice Waters’ fava bean puree is delicious.

Yes, you need to remove the fava beans from their shell, then blanch them, then peel off the husk.


This is my favoirite way to prepare Fava beans:

Giada De Laurentiis’ Spaghetti with Chianti and Fava beans is also a repeat in our household:

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I haven’t made my way through all of these yet have enjoyed many of them and look forward to cooking my way through them.

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Having never cooked with these (and now I can see why it’s a lot work!) I was surprised by the bright green color and fresh flavor.

I don’t have enough for Alice waters spread but that is next when I get more (nice one maccrogenoff) and don’t want to overwhelm flavor since I haven’t really tried it before so am going with egg noodles with butter garlic lemon and favas. Some other veggies on side perhaps.

Thanks for all the tips.


Yayyy! A fava beans thread! I’ve read you can freeze the beans before skinning them, which makes them easier to peel. I haven’t tried that. I usually parboil, but we are running out of water here (in California) , so I might.
I think there is a Fava beans recipe thread somewhere, but I can’t find it.

Here is my latest production.




I ADORE fava beans. When I am filthy rich, I will pay a minion very well to come in and shell, poach and peel them. And share half the product. Such a chore!


I’ve typed in Fava and find many recipes sprinkled throughout many threads.
CH had a Fava bean thread maybe that is what you are remembering?

Maybe. Or they could be on a food gardening thread and no “fava” tag. Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Whatever. We have one now!