Fava beans?

Quite possibly, if I come accross it then I’ll post it here.

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Thank you!

Actually, I might be thinking of sugar snap pea recipes. I tend to harvest them at the same time, and maybe use the same recipes. I love one for a spring veg ragout. Sugar Snaps, peas, asparagus, favas, maybe a fingerling potato, some herbs.

I also love saying ragout. Rag-out. I’m sure I’m not pronouncing it right, but how could this be pronounced the same as a tomato and meat ra-goo?

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You people are frikkin’ amazing - you know that, right?

All these recipes and uses. Great stuff.


Pasta Fagioli you could replace some of the cannellini beans with fava beans or all of them, if you have enough.

Casio-e-pepe would pair well with Fava beans:


It’s fava bean time! So happy to find this thread again.

The Easiest Way to Peel Fava Beans


I can take or leave fava. But there was a story in NY Times today about favas and Rome. Most interesting part of the story was learning about favism. I had no idea that there was a blood condition that makes favas deadly.


Thank you for sharing that! I was just in Rome, and favas were in season.

The anthropology of “favism” is an interesting topic, and one I have been following for awhile. My son has “hemoglobinopathies”, a *blood condition" (and is not enamored with favas).

His wife is from Turkey.

"For those with the blood disorder — which Lucio Luzzatto, a leading scientist in the field, said spread throughout the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East because it offered some protection against malaria "

So far it doesn’t seem their children will be at risk.

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Fava beans!

But not really. Still not enough.
Marinated Fava Beans

With my sad garlic.


Trying these too.

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I ended up using a recipe like this


I added a bit of crushed red pepper, and I’d used grated parmigiano reggiano and Asiago I had. Husband said he mostly tasted cheese.

I’ve since added some cumin, and some sauteed garlic and shallot.