Fast Food Fried Chicken Sandwich Challenge

Cane’s started at LSU in Baton Rouge, they sell chicken tenders. And they are growing like crazy.

I drove by one the other day shortly before the Saints game and the drive through line was around the block


Although that looks incredible, I grew up in NOLA down the street from Al Copeland , the owner of Popeyes. Sooo… that being said you probably know where I stand … #teampopeyes :yum:


Come to think of it, I remember a bit of advice from a flag designer that almost applies to logos too - or probably should, anyway. Basically it was: Draw your design in full detail on a piece of paper one inch by two inches. If that’s hard to do, the design is wrong. (I forget if those were the exact dimensions he gave, but it’s the right range and the right idea.)

EDIT: Logos obviously can’t be as strict as flags in this regard.

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Team popeyes here as well, went to the original location many times and popeyes was a staple on mardi gras day


Full name is ‘Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers’ and that’s really all they sell. There’s one on a major street near our son’s house and the drive thru line usually extends off the property onto that street (and that was even more the case BEFORE Covid).

I went to one with a friend a couple of years ago in Henderson, NV. I wasn’t impressed.


I agree with you, there have to be a lot of reasons other than normal consumer preference going into people’s current choices.

It’s fine to argue over who won the most states, but KFC got 206 electoral college votes!


New addition: we have Cain right here in NJ:

We’re fostering him from Husky House. He’s a rescue that arrived with two broken legs from being hit by a car. Hence the cone. Now back to your regularly scheduled chicken sandwhiches.


He’s a cutie!

I LOVE HIM! TY for “fostering” him. (I hope it’s a fail)


We’re hoping its permanent but that depends on the other dog.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold