Extra firm block of tofu..looking for inspiration

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On my last pass thru TJ’s, I picked up two pkgs. of their plain extra firm tofu. I’ve learned how to press it dry, dust with cornstarch and either oven bake or lightly fry the sliced cubes. I tend to order tofu and veg stirfrys out at restaurants and enjoy cubes in soup but beyond that I have not experimented.

If you have some ideas to expand my horizons, I welcome the suggestions.

Thanks, Rooster



I’d make a nice Thai curry.

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BBQ tofu, scrambled tofu, tofu salad (scroll, scroll, scroll).

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Two useful links:

However, I would not deep fry the tofu–just pan fry. Here is another good link:

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Nice idea! Any recommendations on the curry part of the dish?


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Sheet pan bbq tofu…say.no.more!


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I use it as a replacement for chicken breast. I like it in salads and Asian foods, tofu pad thai comes to mind.


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Serious Eats, I only just learned about. The salted boiled water method, do you do that step? I was weighing down the cut block and letting it drain out for a few hrs.

The recipes are right up my alley. Thxs.


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Makes sense, subbing. Thxs for the ideas.



Trader joe’s also sells a “high protein tofu” in a vacuum pack, not water. It’s really extra firm- no pressing needed! It’s great for dishes where you want that texture.
Most often i just slice or cube it, splash on some of the Soyaki from trader joe’s and then either bake it or do in a pan on the stove til the edges get firmed up (careful the heat isn’t too high or it burns)

For the extra firm tofu you bought isa’s tofu scramble is the one that taught me how to make a good one and variations, i add more nutritional yeast cuz i love the stuff and use a splash of soy sauce instead of salt. I always add veggies, mushrooms are fantastic here.
Or swap the spices for a taco spice mix and use for tacos or a burrito bowl or whatever

Mapo tofu of course; although I can’t deal with heat so never made it myself.

Tofu is awesome in palak paneer, you do want to use a pressed super firm tofu here

Oh! Almost forgot- this sheet tray coconut kale tofu is fantastic and easy, just careful you get the plain not sweetened dried coconut flakes

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These both sound great. I will look for the TJs tofu that doesnt require pressing next time, what a timesaver! Thxs again.

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I´ve made the sheet pan bbq tofu several times over the past month or so. Even the omnis in the family enjoy it!

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I was thinking of doing a sheet with tofu and a sheet with mini drumsticks and see what the group thinks at the next party.


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Scored the extra firm tofu sans water and made a bunch of baked cubes.


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Probably my favorite tofu preparation, Korean braised tofu:


Also, if you haven’t tried making mapo tofu yet I would highly recommend it!


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Braised tofu, really enjoy that dish. Thanks for the link. I have never made it at home before.

Mapa or mapo I order quite often. Good use of my celery bounty. Great idea!

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Saute julienned tofu and red bell peppers, green onions and soy sauce. If you got some pork and shitake throw some julienned in there too. Make that regularly with the TJ extra firm.

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You baked them naked…? How did you end up eating them- added to another dish or with a sauce? Plain unseasoned baked tofu is kinda hard core to eat as is!
Another easy quick tofu dish is this one that uses a half package but i just cooked the whole thing in two batches and leftovers were just as tasty. The little bit of sweetner is important, i think i used agave since that’s what i have around


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Marinate planks in soyaki and smoke. So good!


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Is it hardcore? I really enjoy tofu in most forms but I baked off the full block cubed and brushed half with seaweed powder and half with oyster sauce. I will make a few ramen bowls and stir fry and then pan fry with assorted veg. Really just winging it based on flavor combos I like.