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A recent thread mentioning olive oil has me wanting to share this. I have used many supermarket olive oils over many years and have usually come away with the thought “why bother?”. But several years ago I came across California Olive Ranch 100% California EVOO, which I find fantastic. So much so that (with the exception of frying) I use it for everything. It has amazing flavor (but not too heavy), a pretty high smoke point for EVOO, and amazing texture.

Salad dressings/marinades, pasta/pizza/bread dough, nut butters and tahini in the vitamix, sautés, pan seared seafoods, caramelized veggies… literally everything.

So IMHO if you haven’t tried this, you have to. It is healthy, readily available and pretty reasonably priced (think I pay about $12-14/liter).


Yes, it’s been around for a bit, and Trader Joe’s sometimes carries it.

I like California Ranch for baking olive oil cakes - it has a nice fruity profile.


This is our everyday/all purpose olive oil, as well. We do sometimes buy a fruity Spanish EVOO for bread dipping and garnishing but only a small bottle at a time (more in the summer).

TJs has California Ranch in spray/mist form.

I just buy it in a bottle and put it in my Misto.

this has been my everyday for about a decade. readily available in norcal. they have diversified lately to try to compete with lower price points by buying olives from the global market. those versions are FAR inferior, only go for the 100% CA sourced version.


While I am not sure I would agree the “Every Day” EVOO is far inferior to the 100% California blend (it’s still good)… but the all CA is better and only a couple of bucks more.

I like the COR EVOO as well, with the California olives. I haven’t tried the other one, but am open to tasting it.

My first bottle of COR EVOO was the “Every Day”, which has a mix of CA olives as well as some imported ones. I found it very good and enough to stick with the brand. Since then I went with the CA only offering and it is noticeably better, so that is what I always order.


A Misto is on my covet list. Or 5 or so.

All of my EVOO’s are everyday EVOOs

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I have bought the California olive oils. Ordered online from Greece, and Spain. Were they good . For sure . Were they that good . Not sure .
I have been using Star . Its cheaper and not that different.
Not like the one when i was in tuscany . Where it was so spicy i had to leave the the room bringing on a brief coughing. So good


I prefer the Greek kalamata oil from TJ’s for everyday purposes.

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I got that once. I hated it so much I returned it.


Yeah. I thought it was spoiled. The guy who took it back tasted it and said this is how it’s supposed to taste. Okay, then!

Huh. Bizarre. Just goes to show how different tastes are. I love it, and it’s been out for a few weeks :frowning:

I’ve been a fan of the California Olive Ranch olive oils for a LONG time. It’s my main olive oil (although I’ll also buy their Global Blend if it’s all I can find). I’ve also liked TJs’ President’s Reserve, but I’m not sure it’s sold anymore (haven’t looked recently, as I tend to stick with the CAOR brand now.

Found this recent suggested “best olive oils” list, with CAOR at the top for “best seller”:


I thought it was just me!