Endives, what to do with them?


There are different endives, the one that @harters talked about is frisée.

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The best cost i’ve seen is trader joe’s, three heads in a packet for $2.50. Often $5/lb or so at other grocery stores, not all stores carry it.
So lucky to find it at such a good price! Must be growing nearby



Braised, as someone else mentioned - but with lots of olive oil and lots of garlic. If you do them very slow for ~45 minutes: well, the barely-cooked vegetables crowd will not be impressed, but they are very luxurious this way.

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(John Hartley) #24

It was.

Cigar shaped ones - usually called chicory in the UK
Horrible leafy one - also chicory but, increasingly, frisee


(John Hartley) #25

Absolutely. If I could buy them that cheap, I’d also want loads of recipes.

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Much of the endives were used in salad. I also made the classic endive gratin in emmental cheese and white sauce. Endives was steamed and then wrapped with ham, white sauce (flour, milk…) was added with cheese sparkled on top. Into the oven for 25 minutes. I feel the version by my MIL was better, the endives were softer.

Next time, I will probably use this recipe.

I also made a “flaming tart” (tarte flambée - flammekueche) with endives, onion and bacon and white cheese and cream mix. But I didn’t have the cherry alcohol Kirsch, so nothing was in flame. Not a classic one, since I used a pastry dough and not the thin pizza dough.



Split lengthwise, mooshed in salt, pepper and olive oil, and charred on a grill or grill pan. Served with a drizzle of good balsamic. Starter or accompaniment to meats.