Eli's Bagels Has Closed--What Are the Alternatives? [Aberdeen]

Beloved Aberdeen Bagel Shop Permanently Closes [Patch.com]

“Eli’s Hot Bagels, a beloved Aberdeen bagel store that had been in business for decades, has permanently closed its doors.”

So where should I go now for bagels? (I would prefer something in the Matawan/Aberdeen area–I’m not driving to Lakewood for bagels!)

Have you been here yet? We will miss bialys from Eli but have been buying bagels here since they opened. Nice fresh made on site daily. Matawan snd Cliffwood Ave.

There is an Eli’s Bagel shop in the Pond Rd shopping strip in Manalapan ( Freehold?) I believe the original Eli’s was this location.
Not sure & don’t care what ownership is but the bagels are excellent.


I’ve been buying bagels at Bagel World, on Route 9 North, in Manalapan, since they opened not long after we moved into our house (more than 50 years ago).

Edited to add: There is Bagel Talk, on Route 79, in Marlboro. I’ve never tried their bagels.


When we lived in Aberdeen we really liked bagel Hut. Also on 34 near the ShopRite (opposite side of the street). Bagels are great. Sometimes a little disorganized but really best bagels we found in the area.

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I liked the bagels at bagel talk but that parking lot can get really insane and tight!

Bagel World on route 9 was my go to Bagel place for over 30 years.
He opened a second place in Bear Brook plaza maybe 20 years ago, excellent bagels .
Definitely a toss up between both locations & the Eli’s on Pond Rd .

Yes, I know that Bagel World has that second location. I’ve never bought bagels there. (Has it really been there 20 years?!)

The bagels there are exactly the same as the route 9 location.
If it’s not 20 years it’s real close to it.

I would presume they would be. Although it’s probably about as far from our house as the route 9 location, it’s not as convenient.

I don’t buy bagels that often, but these days, when we need one or two for bagels and nova, I get them at The Pickled Herring when I’m there getting their nova.* Those bagels are a lot like Bagel World’s, so maybe they’re the supplier.

*Note: All The Pickled Herring’s appetizing is excellent.


Just posted on Instagram today how saddened I was to learn the news. Dad and I ate here at least once a week for YEARS. It was usually a Friday because that was one of his days off and I always had afternoon classes. We would grab a bagel and coffee, read the NY Post after a Rangers win, and then go about our day. It was a very special place with amazing bagels. After he died, I went back once or twice but it just was not the same.

I have been to what seems like a million places since I stopped going to Eli’s (partly due to his death/memories and partly due to moving an extra 10-15 minutes away). I cannot say any particular place has truly captivated me. I’m still in search of the perfect bagel.

Depending on how far from Eli’s you live, it may be worth the extra 10 minutes to Planet Bagel in Keyport. They put more seeds/toppings on their bagels than anywhere else, and have wonderful texture.


Since I’m good for a bagel once or twice a week, I rotate between these places (in no particular order or pattern):

  1. Planet Bagel (Keyport)-- weird, awkward service with great bagels and awful coffee
  2. Hole Lotta Bagels (Middletown)-- great service, solid bagels, decent coffee
  3. Holmdel Bagels (Holmdel)-- great service, great coffee, smallish bagels and a little too light on the seeds, and never enough butter

Today I actually tried Bagel Boyz in Hazlet on Bethany Road for the first time. They appeared to be relatively new. Aside from an energy behind the counter that you could cut with a knife–an employee was scolded by another employee for writing the wrong abbreviation down on her order pad (apparently she wrote “B” for butter when it should have been “Bu” :roll_eyes: )-- it was a solid toasted everything (and quite large) with just the right amount of butter. I am rarely up that way, though.


Found this link to confirm I was repeating myself. You will likely find a Christmas tree in the cafe this year too :grin:.

If Jewish bagels are what you seek solely, my earlier suggestion isn’t going to help you.

Our favorite bagels are from Wegman’s. The bread dept generally speaking ranks high w us.

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@Rooster Cracking up over nj.con in your link. I always knew they were.

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I’m a fan of the everything whole wheat at whole lotta bagels. Two thumbs up!

The bagel Boyz is now our local spot since moving to holmdel. I rank it below bagel Hut but it’s consistent so far. Bagels are very fresh. You are spot on about the service! :rofl::rofl:

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Well @gracieggg it happened again! Went to Bagel Boyz the other day and man, what an atmosphere! The same guy who scolded a coworker last time emerged from the back and walked behind the counter while literally staring me down. I was the only person in the place waiting to place an order. He actually locked eyes with me and gave me the scowl of all scowls as he walked across the place, and again on his way back! It was a threatening, angry stare! I work with the public in a similar situation as them so I understand having a bad day, but I had only just walked in the place.

I stood there another minute or two while a female employee who had her back to me decided to turn around and look up from her phone, noticed me, did a bit of a shrug, and went right back to texting. I figured I would give them another minute before walking out. Two other employees were doing nothing as well. Finally another gentlemen emerged from the back, hands full, and apparently carrying the workload of the entire establishment (he was visibly sweating and exhausted), he noticed me and took/made my order.

I will NEVER step foot in there again. It’s a shame, because they make an excellent bagel. I wish I still did the blog thing because I would love to publish this, but this type of toxic business probably wouldn’t give a shit anyway.


Bagels shouldn’t be stressful😆.
T-shirt: Bagels not bullshit.


I am blown away! I’m going to read this to my husband later! He’s our resident bagel picker upper from there! I can’t believe it. Question. Not victim blaming here but you didn’t happen to be wearing your “I hate bagel Boyz” shirt, right???


My husband said he has had average or better service every time he has gone in. Not once did he have an experience like you’ve described. He picks up from them about 2x a month.


Weird! Maybe it’s just me!