NJ.con best bagel rankings

Note that Sheepshead Baygels is on 35 in Holmdel.

From reading this thread, I would say the best frozen bagel is a frozen Bagel Oven or Bagel Masters bagel :blush:


Did anybody else notice that they rated the bialy as a flavor of bagel. (No. 8)

There is just something so wrong about that.

Now where can you get a good bialy around here, that’s the question…


Hey, any info on Yorktown Bagel & Bialy in Manalapan?

These guys look awesome…

Yorktown Bagels & Bialys

300 Gordons Corner Rd,
Manalapan Township, NJ 07726
(732) 972-2299


This is my go to place for bagels and bialys. They also have onion boards (pletzels).

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Very friendly service. After a visit or two, they know who you are and what you are likely to order. Their bagels are quite unique. They are incredibly crispy on the outside. But on a bad day this can make them simply hard to eat. Everythings are too salty (and there is a slight aftertaste as another poster mentioned). It is less than a mile from my house. I go there out of necessity once I discovered some better places nearby.

Bantam Bagels are delicious little bagel bombs. They are frozen with a cream cheese filling, differing depending on the bagel flavor. They have a pretzel flavor that’s filled with a horseradish/cheese filling that’s to die for. Trouble is finding them. I’ve found them at Acme in Little Silver. Starbucks sells them individually. They are available by mail order but shipping cost as much as the bagels. I sent a variety pack of 36 to family in Florida for their Christmas morning. Such a treat. Oh-they’re on Bleecker Street in NYC.

I remember them from Shark Tank!

Amazon sells them 6 packs of 6 with free shipping if you have Prime. Different varieties available but you have to buy 36 of the same at a time. I’ve never tried but I remembered seeing them.


work across from this HOT BAGELS store (Yorktown in Manalapan) and they are amazing bagels/bialy.
Kosher so only salads, cream cheese, no lettuce!

I also like Bagel Boy on Route 516 in Old Bridge.

awesome and they are closed for all Jewish Holiday

Also a fan of Yorktown Bagels. Its just Bagels (no fancy salads or grill) …always a good size line especially on weekend mornings
turnover is evident and subsequently freshness. Line moves fast. Cash only

Recently opened corner location, we Stopped in today for a sandwich to go and a 1/2 doz bagels. WE ordered the rueben sandwich on an Asiago bagel that came with a kosher dill pickle and a small pot of slaw. The sandwich as expected was filled with tasty pastrami, Swiss cheese and a generous coverage of Russian dressing. Large enough to share. $6.95 and 7 bagels for the price of six, $6.25 We picked Egg, Salt, dark Russian and everything bagels With another 1/2 dozen flavors in the bins to pick from. Fresh bagels made on site along with a small dessert case of fresh assorted handheld type items, noticed pannis, a breakfast menu, a well stocked snack shelf and frig case. The dining area, is brand new, clean and fairly roomy. The parking lot on that corner is a bit tricky.

Since there is also a Greek restaurant and pizzeria in the space next to Bagel Factory CafE that I also stop in, this location will be a convenient stop when taking GSP Ext 120 homeward.

They are open 5am-10pm!

It has to be easier than the one for the Greek restaurant (Evan’s) and the pizzeria (Attilio’s) (which involves backing out directly into traffic)! By the way, the latter two are among our favorite places. Evan’s has the “cone” (the upright rotisserie that not all Greek restaurants have), and the mushroom sauce at Attilio’s actually has a reasonable amount of mushrooms in it.


We used to order from Evan’s regularly until we moved. I love their grape leaves. That parking lot is not for the faint of heart!!!

Returned mid morning for a sandwich. Now the dine in has a full breakfast/lunch/dinner menu.

I’m sorry, but I have a hard time taking seriously a bagel place with a Christmas tree. It’s like a Japanese restaurant with a statue of Ganesha at the entrance. :relaxed:

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I ‘m sorry too since I find that level of criticism over the top. My sandwich was delicious.


Where is this :arrow_up::arrow_up:??

Cliffwood Ave in Matawan. That corner is where Cliffwood and Matawan seem to intersect.

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