Easter Feast 2019


We don’t celebrate the holiday but need no excuse for a great spring meal or two over the long weekend. Had lamb kebabs last night and fired up the smoker today to enjoy pork ribs for dinner. I’ll make some fennel slaw and tofu mac and cheese to go with them. I also just improvised a low carb rhubarb-lime cheesecake bar recipe, so we’ll see how those turn out - they are chilling in the freezer. I can attest that the rhubarb curd part is very delicious if nothing else!



Sorry can’t help myself here- especially hysterical to me since i relate to him… :joy:
Big fat greek wedding


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Hilarious movie and scene. I identify also but with a different culture!


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I happen to love the whole movie. Every little bit. So many great scenes it’s hard to pick the best if you know what I mean. One of my favorite movies.:rose:

The funny thing was the Dallas review critic bombed it big time when it first came out so everyone stayed away,. Then about a month later it was back with a vengeance. SRO when I went but I got a seat. Absolutely wonderful little sleeper.:tulip:
I wonder if it would be appropriate to start a thread on this board to discuss or post different scenes in the movie. I guess there’s only one way to find out. It’s definitely food oriented.

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It’s already posted in this thread, at the bottom:

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I forgot about that thread. I’ll head over there then. Thanks!


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Ernie, have you thought about a lamb shank? So delicious when cooked low and slow (I do mine in a crockpot). Probably no leftovers with one but an extra meal with two. Let us know what you wind up making.


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So true! My late in-laws wouldn’t be able to wrap their minds around the concept whatsoever.

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Lamb shank slowly simmered in tomato (with orzo) is a favorite, but for some reason this year I’m in the mood for ground lamb with minced onion and garlic and parsley, fried in olive oil.


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I’ve been invited to a friend’s family celebration next week with a whole lamb, spit-roasted… I’m excited, but also have no idea what to expect (other than the lamb :joy:).



Probably a pilaf, Greek salad, maybe avgolemono soup to start, sweet Easter bread, pastries for dessert.


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They will probably have a platter full of deep scarlet red dyed hard boiled eggs. You take one and knock it against another persons egg, taking turns until they break. While you are doing this you are also saying Christos Aneste. (Spelling?) It means Christ is risen. Other than that Ernie has described what the rest of the meal will probably be like. Enjoy that spit roasted lamb!! What a very special treat!

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I did make the keftedes, and they were great. But I prepped a couple of days in advance so the flavors could meld, and on Saturday I got some wonton wrappers and made dumplings with the meat. Prepared two ways: boiled, and pan-fried. The boiled version was silky-smooth, like the wontons in wonton soup, and the fried versions browned nicely, like potstickers. I had the keftedes themselves with a tomato and feta salad.


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Wonderful meal and celebration - described on the WFD thread:

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