Easter Feast 2019

What’s on your menu?

We are having the non-traditional smoked brisket with all the expected sides. I am cobbling together some deviled eggs in the spirit of the season. I’d like to jazz them up a bit, I’ve tried curried eggs before which didn’t sell well to the family. How do you devil eggs?

I’m thinking maybe some Cajun seasoning and a shot of Crystal hot sauce.

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I love deviled eggs for Easter too! One of my favorite variations on the classic is to add some chipotle in adobo to the filling - adds a nice smoky kick without changing the classic flavor profile too drastically. I also like them with some blue cheese in the filling and a bacon garnish, Sriracha filling with cilantro garnish, etc. Deviled pickled eggs are nice too - pickle them a few days in a beet juice brine and they take on a lovely pink color and tangy flavor that really complements the deviled filling.


Joining you on deviled eggs. We like to do them standing up straight. Cut the bttom just a bit and a bit more off the top, scoop out the yolk with a melon baller and whip into fillings.

So far, we are doing half avocado/egg, half capers/egg, half bacon bits/egg. Each is folded with greek yogurt, s&p, a touch of mustard in one, touch of dill in one.


I’m assuming you’re just meaning Easter Sunday, rather than the full four day Easter weekend. We have no religious faith but regard Easter as a springtime feast.

So, that’ll be asparagus to start (with melted butter), followed by roast leg of lamb, Jersey Royal potatoes, peas, gravy. For dessert, rice pudding served cold with rhubarb compote. Chocolate mini-eggs with the coffee.

FWIW, last night we had tagliata, tonight pork fillet with mustard sauce and, on Monday, an aubergine dhal and rice.


Nice! I’m a big brisket fan. What kind of rub and wood are you going with?

Thirty-some years ago, my Dad and his Wife started an Easter tradition, bringing their blended family together for a restaurant brunch. After he died, the tradition lapsed for quite a few years before me and my wife revived it. Now back in it’s sixth year, it’s become a special family time. Our grandkids, three to six years old actually became restaurant-savvy last Easter Sunday, so we’re really looking forward to tomorrow’s fete. In honor of my Dad’s sensibilities, wardrobe choices are always “casual chic”. Here’s the restaurant that has welcomed us since the tradition was revived:


Wow that’s unique, I’d love to see a picture!

If only Easter Monday was a holiday stateside! Many aren’t off Good Friday either. But wow that meal sounds perfect.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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I enjoy casual relaxing holidays.

Our neighbor is a competetive smoker and has the big rigs. He gave us 1/2 a brisket which I’m just heating up. He cooks on post oak I believe and uses Daddy’s Seasonings (they may sponsor him) and I know he puts Gonzo’s Sugar Daddy on sometimes. It will be tasy though!


Here’s one recipe example. Ours wont be ready until tomorrow.


Went full bore Polish this Easter Saturday…
Kowalski, Ko-wality…
Tasty Saturday night dinner.

And Bubble & Squeak for Monday!


There is one recipe for deviled eggs that I read about somewhere and have never been able to get out of my mind.

Mash yolks with bacon fat, mustard and S & P. Top with the crispy bacon bits. Maybe one of these days.


I’m excited to be going to my friends’ place nearby, the parents of my favorite six year old. She went vegetarian a few years ago now, and they’re fantastic cooks so it’s always a great meal. After some insisting she let me help beforehand or bring something I’m going to make and bring a carrot salad (and flowers). I bought rainbow carrots so it should be pretty :))


That’s a good friend you have! Smoked brisket isn’t the easiest or fastest thing to prepare :smile:

Cross posting from the Happy Holidays Ho’s topic.

We will be celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter a week from tomorrow. We typically have Parmesan encrusted leg of lamb, rice and orzo pilaf, raw asparagus salad, Easter Bread and something with strawberries for dessert. We’ll dye 2 dozen eggs a deep scarlet red and will perhaps make deviled eggs out of half. The rest are used in a ritual sort of way.
We may make avgolemeno soup too.


I may have an Easter Redux next week and make lamb. All this lamb talk is making me crave it. We all need to coordinate our calendars, although this way we celebrate with the orthodox church around the corner also.

Those Kowalskis put their photo on the package! :grin:

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A local place puts a slice of smoked salmon on their deviled eggs (also, separately, bacon).

I will also have some lamb for Greek Easter next week. I haven’t decided what, though. Maybe those keftedes that I described elsewhere. I live alone, so a roast would be too much.