Drew's Bayshore Bistro..............Keyport, NJ

We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Drew’s including perfectly ripe strawberry bruschetta with homemade ricotta and pickled ramps; blackened lamb loin au poivre; Nashville hot chicken; excellent corn and poblano chowder with crawfish and tasso ham; octopus muffuletta salad; and an awesome banana cream pie with a crispy salty chocolate crust. It all went great with an excellent Shiraz and red blend.



Looks great. Is getting a reservation at Drews still ridiculous or do you think week day dinner walk in a possibility? I think you once posted you had an” inside” someone not looking for that.

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Thanks Steve. I usually make a reservation for the next month while I am there for my current reservation. Last night I made a reservation for next month. I think they currently only take reservations for up to 3 weeks in advance. I can’t speak to how busy they are during the week, but I guess you would probably be able to get a walk in table if you go early. Your chances would probably be better off season (when all of the Bennies are not invading the Jersey shore) :grinning:


Thanks I totally agree about Bennies & off season.
I was having a bit of lunch at Burlews in Keyport last Sunday and it wasn’t pleasant at all.
Great blackened shrimp though. Not in same class as Drew’s voodoo shrimp.


We enjoyed another awesome dinner at Drew’s including blackened mahi mahi with fried green tomato and chorizo hash; soft shell crabs; strawberry bruschetta; stuffies with chorizo; spicy BBQ shrimp; and crawfish sticky buns. It all went great with an excellent Cabernet and Chateauneuf Du Pape.


We enjoyed another excellent dinner at Drew’s including monkfish; pork cracklings; soft shell crab; muffuletta and burrata salad; spicy BBQ shrimp, and excellent chocolate peanut butter bread pudding. It all went great with an excellent cabernet and red blend.


Pork. Cracklings. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


They were nice and crispy, and had a nice little kick to them.


Thanks! May have just made my birthday dinner decision!


I heard he is moving / expanding again? Supposedly very nearby, however without any on-site parking so we are back to parking a mile away and walking like the old spot.

Yes, Drew is moving across the street to a slightly smaller spot, but at least he will own it, as opposed to renting. Parking will be on the street. They are working on renovating the spot now. No estimated time.


You’re welcome. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner!

Street parking has become a big “no-no” as I’ve gotten older (75). No parking; no me.

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For the soft shell crab, did you request the sauce on the side? Ours came with the sauce on top and it was a little overwhelming.

Yes, my wife always asks for the sauce on the side. Drew’s sauces can be rich and heavy on butter.
She even gets the sauce on the side for the Nashville hot chicken to keep it crispy.

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