Drew's Bayshore Bistro..............Keyport, NJ

What time did you pick up? Lol I was there at 5pm we had an early dinner last night. Thankfully Drew’s is on of the places where the quality is certainly being delivered right into your trunk! We got the voodoo shrimp and Nashville hot chicken both of which were excellent!
Certainly worth the 400+ phone call attempts!


Looking good Junior! I got there at 4PM to try and avoid the ridiculous backup of traffic from the Keyport Fishery. Even at 4PM they were lined up at the Fishery with their masks on. They even have someone policing traffic.

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I passed Keyport Fishery as well and there were easily 20 people in line at 5pm. Glad you enjoyed not that there’s really much doubt when it comes to Drew’s.


Man these pics look good!

Crab season my friends. They are waking up down in the Chesapeake

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I’m just gonna leave this here:


We had a fabulous dinner outdoors at Drew’s on a gorgeous day. This was our first time dining at Drew’s in over 6 months. I have done several takeouts since then. Drew pretty much took over the whole parking lot and put up some huge sturdy tents that are closed off on two sides and open on two sides facing the ocean so you get some nice cross ventilation. We were in the middle so there was no sun beating down on us. The tables were nicely spaced. He also had about 5 nicely spaced tables open for dining indoors. A few people were dining indoors but it was too beautiful to eat inside. The servers were fully masked throughout and had walkie talkies so they could communicate to the kitchen quicker.
We enjoyed that excellent pork belly that @CurlzNJ pictured in the previous post, as well as the New Orleans style broiled oysters, fried green tomatoes, mushroom pasta in pesto sauce, an excellent special of chipotle rubbed pork chop in a habanero fig sauce, and Mrs. P’s favorite Nashville hot chicken. We took home the always awesome SCCPT for dessert. It all went great with an outstanding Malbec.

image|700x700 .jpeg)


Appreciate your photo of the menu, Eli.

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You’re welcome Jimmy. I figured it would be easier to post the menu than to manually type in the preparation of each dish :slightly_smiling_face:

Splendid … And thank you for posting the interesting menu.

I like this chilled cucumber gaspacho ! and I would go with the Burrata, tomato, Panzanella salad …

Have a lovely weekend.

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Thank you!
Your beef carpaccio with white truffles looked amazing.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your grandsons.

Finally made it to Drew’s after having wanted to go for eight years. Either worked T-S when they were open, or it just didn’t work out.
Hard for any restaurant to live up to eight years of anticipation and I really enjoyed the quality of the meal.
Even survived my GF thinking it was THE night! And it was THE night, only Drew’s night
Started with Clams w/ Andouile Sausage and Voodoo Shrimp. Clams full and delicious with a slurpable broth. I could only manage one of the ample serving of large shrimp as GF devoured everything remaining. A bit sweeter and more cream than I had expected but delicious.
GF does not eat a lot of cream and declared she couldn’t eat much else. The 3 entrees coming presented a bit of a challenge.
NY Strip was excellent topped with long hots and roasted garlic. Came with crisp French fries and fresh green/yellow beans which unfortunately met their demise, I try them every few years and never like them.
Shrimp and Grits delivered with smokey flavor, tasty shrimp and nice grits.
Thought the Hot Nashville Chicken might be a little hotter, but fit the bill with a nice fresh slaw and same great fries.
Drew’s met my unreasonable expectations with thoughtful, fresh ingredients showcasing the kitchen’s talents.
Will be back.


We enjoyed our first meal indoors at Drew’s in about 8 months. We enjoyed an awesome appetizer of crispy meaty duck wings with a pineapple habanero sauce; Cajun mushroom pappardelle; New Orleans style grilled oysters; NY strip steak with Italian long hots and roasted garlic. It all went great with a Tensley Syrah.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold