Doughs and desserts that are not baked

It was pouring here yesterday and seems it might continue today. We badly needed rain, but it does seem a bit gloomy for a Fourth of July weekend.
A friend of mine arrived for vacation here but went to Punta Cana in typical tourist fashion and I feel kind of bad for her that she came right when the skies finally decided to open up here.


I cleaned and blanched some spinach a while back and froze it for making doughs. I decided to make some tortillas for wraps for tomorrow’s lunch. The cold spinach juice makes for a dough that doesn’t roll out as easily as regular tortillas, but I got the hang of it by my third one.


My mom just did this for spinach chapatis.

I’ve never puréed the spinach entirely for a spiced version, and I cut back the liquid, but it does yield a tackier dough that takes a bit more flour.


This one wasn’t sticky and felt pretty similar to the regular dough when mixed and kneaded, but it doesn’t stretch the same way in part because the spinach juice is cold while normally you use warm or sometimes even boiling water for plain tortillas.

Interesting. For chapatis it’s always cold (room temp) water.

I just made this same recipe: Kenji Lopez Although lime icebox cake though he calls it cracker pie.

Reading the reviews I did the same as you recommended, Shellybean.

I made a half recipe but used the full amount of lime juice and zest.
Other changes: replaced half the cream with yogurt. That helped further temper the cloying nature.
I used gingersnaps instead of Ritz crackers because that’s what I was trying to use up.

Came out quite well. Makes a change. Simple and easy and no bake without gelatin.


Matcha tiramisu with store-bought ladyfingers to avoid the oven. A nicely bitter, not-too sweet dessert that I love.


Curry-pan is today’s unbaked bread.


Currently working on a no-bake Russian honey cake. I cooked all the layers in a pan on the stovetop and will layer them as soon as I get the filling whipped once the AC does its work. :joy: I will then leave overnight for the magic to happen. Filling is kefir cream, dulce de leche, and heavy cream plus a little sugar.
It’s a good thing you get a lot of scraps when cutting the layers, because they’re very hard to stop eating! These are my favorite layers I’ve made simply because I salted the dough generously, where most honey cake recipes either don’t include salt or call for a measly pinch. I went with around 1% of the flour amount and the resulting cookie layers are irresistible!


I rather distractedly grabbed the wrong mold to assemble this rather than my adjustable one to give this a little more room for unmolding, so getting this out in one piece was the goal today :laughing:. Good thing this was just a small test cake. In any case, it’s absolutely delicious and I’d make it again with all the necessary adjustments (for example I would go with larger portions of the dough for the rounds). I didn’t end up adding any sugar as I thought it tasted plenty sweet without before I whipped it. Once whipped it tasted wonderful!
I do want to play around with a version of the layers that doesn’t get rolled out. There are about a million versions of Russian honey cake and some are made with a pourable batter that would work really well cooked stovetop.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
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