Donabe Rice Cookers

Hey, what’s up. Yeah, I remember you, Petek. I haven’t collected many knives since then except just a couple. I got a Glestain gyuto which I like. It is pretty stickless. When the knife is sharp, it can dice up a tomato without the knife picking up any piece, which makes it easy to work.



What a great photo, Chem- explains everything and it’s beautiful too


Hey Petek,

I have just recently ordered this knife for a friend. I haven’t received it yet and it is in back-ordered… It looks nice on paper too. VG-10 stainless steel core with a 60-61 HRC hardness. Magnolia wood handle with buffalo horn ferrule. A wood saya too. The knife blade pattern is also nice. If it performs, then I may post a review here.

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Hey Chem,
Nice looking knife, and a decent price. Is this Korin’s “house brand”? If so I wonder who is making it for them.

Hi Petek,

Definitely their house brand. Not sure which factory they work with.

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Fish market.
Credit: Ramesh SA, Flickr