What's for Dinner #84 - the National Food-A-Day Month Edition - August 2022

Home late. I’m not fond of 10+ hour days.

I had picked up some ground lamb at Wegmans last weekend, so that made for an easy burger. Mixed some of the meat with ground sumac, dried mint and s/p and pan-fried in butter.

I schmeared some leftover tzaziki sauce on the bottom of a lightly toasted Brioche bun, then the burger, some excellent feta, some mixed lettuce leaves, top bun.

Potato chips alongside, because I couldn’t be arsed to do anything more.


Last night (of 6) in the country, No days under high 90s. Looking forward to fog tomorrow,

Chilis rellenos, fresh tomato sauce, crema; scorched zucchini, hot sauce, and of course more crema.

Like the Italian cookie, “ugly but good”.


It’s Taco Tuesday. Chicken thigh, seasoned with oregano, cumin, s&p, Hatch chile, onion, garlic, simmered in a little chicken broth, avocado, lime crema, cilantro. Muy caliente. Pinquetto beans. Margarita.
We had lightening, thunder, rain Saturday night/Sunday. Drizzly yesterday. The earth smells fresh and clean today.


Filet of wagyu beef on the grill. Hearts of romaine from the garden with sourdough croutons and homemade Caesar dressing.


Pan seared Barramundi with roasted Brussels sprouts and salad was what’s on the menu tonight


WFD tonight was Kinoko Gohan (Mushroom Rice). I added salmon so technically I guess it was Takikomi Gohan. .

Fresh shiitake mushrooms from Chinatown last week, finally using up the sushi rice I’ve had stocked for ages, but had to run out to buy salmon because I was wrong about there being a piece in the freezer

This was very flavorful.



Yum! What’s in it?

Seared marinated chicken breasts, fresh Mozzarella, a gorgeous tomato, roasted red peppers, and balsamic glaze on seeded semolina. Perfect sandwich for a hot summer night.

Mom joined us tonight so three cocktails. All different colors. All gin.


WFD tonight was sauerbraten, red cabbage, and spaetzle. This is a once or twice a year thing at the request of my older son who loves it, but who has time and space to pickle a roast for a week?


Simple, really low effort casserole - cut up potatoes, carrots and leeks, mix in dish. Pour mixture of cream, milk, thyme, nutmeg, salt and pepper over it and put in 395F oven for 45 minutes. (And if you are fancy you can add some chopped hazelnuts for the last 5 minutes to have some additional texture.)


What? The “free” part?

So tradish, and well-presented. I love this meal.

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Simple, looks like it tastes pretty dang good. Keep it simple. Saves food from ruin. Love the hazelnuts, too.


One of my fave phrases, too. Brutti ma buoni is a useful description for a lot of what I cook. And I have never even made the cookies that go by that name, LOL.


Martini, Last Word, Blackberry Bramble? Just spitballin’ ovah heah…


Good guesses!

Martini, Elderflower Gimlet, and my BF’s new favorite which is gin, Fever Tree elderflower tonic, and muddled blackberries and basil.


Of course.

Am I the last person in the world to discover microwaved COTC?? Tried it for the first time and it’s a game changer for me. I have trouble with my hands and the husks and silk came off so much more easily than when raw, plus no pan to painfully wash out. On top of all that the corn tasted cornier, if that makes sense, even though I never boiled it in a big pan of water in the past, only steamed it. Fresh picked corn from the farm, my first this season, heavily buttered and utterly delicious!


my sister got me doing that last summer and it’s the only way now!