Does anyone know what to make with this?

“This” being lamb breast plate I saw at Aldi a couple days ago. I like all things lamb, but am stumped by this cut.


Lamb Breast is usually stuffed or seasoned and rolled. Often Roasted or Braised.

Maybe something here will help

In February 2021, I updated with " I googled “lamb blade roast” and found this thread!" and got additional responses.


Thank you! This seems to have the breast bone sammiched in between the meat, so rolling it would involve removing the meat from that bone. I am intrigued and will look around the interwebs for some recipes - hopefully won’t be sent back here like @shrinkrap :grin:

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Well, mysteriously, this actually appears to be two small rib racks - at least according to a member of my local cooking group. He made a pretty fine looking meal with them recently.

Naturally, they were sold out when I went back to get some today :roll_eyes:


You can braise them. I like them for birria. With all the bones, it really enhances the consummé you get out of it. I think I went about 7-8 hours on low in my slow cooker. The meat falls off the bone and shreds well!

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That sounds great, too! Hopefully, they’ll get them back in again.

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Norwegian Ribberull/Danish Rullepolse.