Do You Trust Your Spouse/Partner To Shop For Very Specific Groceries?

I don’t, but always try to act gracious. Despite very specific lists and verbal confirmations, H still often gets the wrong things, even if I know the market has what I want. Think he’s a big picture guy that doesn’t pay attention to detail. BUT not whining, just wondering what your experiences are.


I asked the Wifeacita to get skim milk, she said they didn’t have any, only fat free.


Truly I just laughed out loud! The H went to the biggest liquor store around with a 3 item list that said NO SUBSTITUTIONS. You guessed it, only 2 of 3 were right :joy:

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You know the old adage, if you want something done right. Do it yourself. So I try not to complain too much if he gets it wrong. But there are times…


Exactly. I try not to be critical, but it’s hard sometimes. He buys things that I’ve never seen!!! But I do appreciate the effort…

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I stared at the candy for a mister good bar for a couple minutes. None to be found . Got kit kats instead.

Husband does most of the weekly shopping, and we use the “Grocery IQ” app which lets me be really specific.

Harder is to get him to NOT get things. I have to say “please don’t get evaporated milk, coffee, butter, napkins, paper towels, sugar, …”


Short answer to the question in the OP is “yes”. Although we do usually do the “big shop” together so the “in between” visits are usually minimal - both of us understand what it means to shop for a toast loaf and a carton of milk.

You have to teach them well, but even then…

When shopping together I show the partner how to select ingredients. What to avoid and what looks good.

My quality control is strict so I prefer to do it myself. Sometimes people next to me at a market stall see how I select something and they ask how I know. I watch how they do it and I cringe for them sometimes.

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For us it depends. My wife simply doesn’t understand meat. I definitely have to do the shopping there. I on the other hand get confused by changes in label and location. Sometimes I can get help from staff but often I’ll text a picture and ask if this is the right thing…I have yet to get my wife to actually have her phone at hand when I go shopping so sometimes the response is too late. We’re both working on the difference between “this and no other” and “substitutions are okay.” We sometimes have trouble with “if it is expensive just don’t buy it.” We have some IF-THEN problems: “if you can’t find any one of these six things don’t buy any of the others.”

For 98% of shopping it really doesn’t matter which of us goes shopping.

I do most of the warehouse store shopping and we split the normal grocery about 50/50. There is rarely an issue beyond the odd eye roll.


I’m shopping for a spouse. No bargains these days, and no warranty either.


I have come to trust him, as we’ve been together nearly 20 years and have by this time mostly figured one another out. If he has a question, he texts me from the store, with a picture if necessary.

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SURE, plus I like surprises. Exceptions…wine and spices…that would be like taking fun away from me.

I have found that shopping primarily at Aldi greatly simplifies things for this exact reason. Often there is only one option or maybe a conventional and an organic.

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