Do you tend to do more dry cooking or moist (wet) cooking?

This is the kind of question I tend to ask a lot in another site, so let’s see if this is something which will work here. (basically I am stressing my feet and feeling my ways)

I like to know if you do more dry cooking or more moist cooking

By dry cooking, I mean broiling, pan frying, stir fry, saute. Basically, any cooking with minimal water addition.
By moisture cooking, I mean steaming, braising, poaching – anything with a lot of water directly cooking or assisting the process.

I used to do a lot more dry cooking than moist cooking. Probably 9:1 between dry vs moist
In just about 1-2 year ago, I started to do a lot more soup and stew and blanching. So I will say that it is more like 4:6 dry to most.

What about you?
Thanks for sharing.

If time is short, dry- quick saute of everything in sight

With a bit more time, then add some wet like soups and stews

If time is real short, then its is wet again, throw some noodles in water and cook.

Depends on the weather!

If it’s hot, I tend to do what can be done quickly with the least amount of residual heat in the kitchen, so sautes and grilling outdoors.

When it’s cool, bring on the braises, soups, and stews.

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To use your ratio scheme, my cooking is probably 65 dry to 35 moist.


That is a good point. I noticed the same thing too. However, there is usually a flip side to me.

If I have time, but low in energy, then the longer moist cooking works better for me. <-- usually my moist cooking take less food prep. (instant noodle and store bought pasta except to that)

If I don’t have time, but I have plenty energy, then the faster dry cooking is my choice.

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Let’s be friends again, Chem. I’m sorry.

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:slight_smile: Don’t be sorry. No one was at fault. We just disagreed and probably went a bit over. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just shopping around now. I will see which site I will eventually end up. This site looks promising.


:::Waving:::: Hello, the still-suspended LindaWhit here from That Other Site. I’ve been playing in a relatively new playground on Facebook, even before I got my virtual hand slapped by calling out an obvious shill for the new site (a.k.a. a Mod with a fake name) after Beta went Alpha, but Sampson’s kind invitation came via Email a few days ago, and I figured I’d jump into the fray.

As for a response to Chemk, it depends on the season for me. Dry cooking is done more in spring/summertime, and wet cooking is done more in the fall/winter.

I want the stews, pot roasts, etc. (what I call “comfort foods”) in the winter and I’m hibernating. (I’m in the Boston area, so hibernation was pretty much what we all did last winter unless we were digging out of the 10-12’ high mounds of snow!) It’s starting to cool down here in New England, and I’m eagerly anticipating my first pot roast of the season.

When new veggies start to crop up in the spring, that’s when I want to cook something more quickly and want to use the bounty we’ve been denied all winter long.


Jesus. How many people got suspended there? Linguafood was apparently also banned.

< It’s starting to cool down here in New England>

Do you just put the meat out in the front yard along with the snow?


I have had to change from normal, due to histamine accumulation in slow cooking that I no longer can tolerate. But in my real life, I also tend to do long braises in cool weather. It’s nice to have stuff bubbling away when it’s cold out, too. And the food tends to seem too heavy to me for warm and hot weather.

I prefer my warm weather food; lots of fresh and grilled seasonal stuff, giant dinner salads with meats/fish on the grill atop or alongside.

Now my wet cooking has to be fast, not low and slow, so I end up using a pressure cooker; useful but not nearly the same.

Sometimes I whisper to my Staub cocotte, “I’ll be back.” :slight_smile:

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About 7-10 people suspended, that I’m aware of. Lingua was perma-poofed before Beta.

And if power had gone out during our blizzards? Yup, burying in the snow would have been the way to go! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering how I got passed over for a smack? I got one email, but it wasn’t a warning, just a note to tell me they were removing comments about suspensions and bannings.

I’ve been pretty obvious about suggesting there is a new, old CH mode site out there, today.

If what CH wants is more and more clicks they should not suspend you given the popularity of your Top Chef recaps. I guess you should not have announced that you were not going to continue them. They might have been more lenient. I mostly lurked on CH (you would not know my name there) but thought I should post here in hopes that more activity will help this site to become a success.

Like you I cook dry more in the Spring/Summer and wet Fall/Winter. Like Chemicalkinetics, I braise more often when I have lower energy. My dry cooking tends to be more complicated except maybe for grilling. I think one reason I moved to the Northwest is so I can make soup and stews more often. That and bread!

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Oh I highly doubt that my announcing I was retiring as Top Chef recapper would have had anything to do with whether Marcela would have been more lenient. I truly believe they’re looking to weed out the old-timers in the hopes they’ll become more attractive to the fans of Pinterest-like views vs. actual, real content providers as many long-timers were wont to give. Which then means little to no actual content, which then means little to no ad views or click-throughs, which then means advertising dries up, which finally means no more there there.


it’s really, really good to see all the familiar names. :slight_smile:

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Some people even use the same icon (avatar)


I didn’t get banned, but I did manage to get one of those “This is your final and only warning” letters. Didn’t care because I was headed out the door, anyway.

I do more “dry” cooking, but my favorite things to cook are stews and braises. I’m more inclined to experiment with “wet” dishes for some reason. Like some of the others have mentioned, the percentages are seasonal.

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would you call sous vide wet cooking or dry cooking? i do lot of that these days. and low and slow BBQ on the big green egg.

I’m a mostly dry cooking gal myself. Texture is a huge issue for me and with braising, stewing, or whatever, you often miss the crunchy element.

I’ve also decided to post this here since it seems to be one of the posts with the most traffic. I wanted to introduce myself a bit. I’ve been lurking a different site for about 8 years or so but never posted. With the recent changes it seems to have lost everything I loved about it. When I saw all the familiar names here that I used to enjoy reading, I decided to jump in.

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