Do you tend to do more dry cooking or moist (wet) cooking?

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During the warmer months I tend towards dry cooking methods…grilling, roasting, sauteeing, and since buying a Bradley Smoker in July I’ve been doing a lot of smoking on the weekends. When it gets cold out I’ll start doing some braises and stews but still lean toward the dry side (particularly roasting). I also use sous vide all year long.

As for CH, not a fan of the redesign at all but I’m still trying to give it a chance. Hopefully this site will grow and I’ll be able to migrate over like a coconut carried by two European swallows…

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I was just joking about that. I think you are absolutely correct.



I had to wait to get into work to find my cooking stick figure avatar saved on my HD here, since I can’t grab it from the other site. It doesn’t show the entire thing, but close enough.


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Now I remember you now.
You see. I remember people’s faces better than their names. (actually really true in real life)


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In general, more wet than dry. I love steaming for vegetables when it’s too hot to roast them. But I minimize kitchen heat in summer so I use the waffle iron (don’t have a Foreman or panini press) creatively when it’s hot. It works wonderfully for scrambled eggs/bacon, sliced eggplant and zucchini, frico, and grilled cheese sandwiches. On the other hand, if anyone is tempted to try fish fillets on the wafflemaker - DON’T! The taste was fine but even on a pammed, nonstick model, it looked pre-chewed once I pried flakes of it out of e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e g.r.i.d!


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Actually, you just made me think about fish waffle. I like fish I like waffle… so…


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If I have plenty of time and the weather is cool I prefer moist methods. The process of making a soup or stew or pot of beans fits me like a glove. There is a certain alchemy in stirring, tasting, adding a bit of this and that while watching (and smelling) the process.

I have a lot of non-food related projects going on. So I’ve gotten in the habit of just cooking a couple of times a week. I aim for variety in those sessions ie season chicken parts three ways and bake off at the same time.


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Aloha 'Oe, Linda:

Care to share who the shill was? I have a pretty good idea, and it looks to me like there are several who are either Mods or have some undisclosed affiliation with them.

This is precisely the kind of tomfoolery that CBSi management would find enraging–trying to cover up the epic fail with covert insider pollyanna.




Someone named alyssa.rasey. Her one and only post was about how much she LOVED the new site! My response was simply this:

“I wonder how many more of these will be around through the weekend. :::rolling my eyes:::”

I was told that “Being passive aggressive to other members or their comments is not a behavior that we condone.” Ummm, yeah. I guess this particular Mod’s own P/A behavior towards every Hound didn’t count as passive-aggressive in of her several comments back at all of us on the Beta threads. It’s a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, which doesn’t fly with me. If we all have to abide by these “rules”, so do the Mods.


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I think having a strict policy is ok - as long as everyone is hold to the same level of standard. The problem is that CHOWHOUND moderation is not consistency. I mean. Had the situation reversed, and someone wrote:

“HATE this new site!”

and you responded with “I wonder if you will still think like this after more people start to join the site in a month”

I wonder if they would have given you the same warning. My guess is “No”

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Exactly Their level of standards were in no way consistent. I know they weren’t happy that we were all so vociferously vocal about our dismay and dislike at the new design, but they chose to answer that dismay with essentially the middle finger.

If their intent was to get rid of the old-timers who have/had opinions? Then they accomplished their mission.

If they wanted a site that seemed more updated but still worked and wasn’t gawdawful confusing to navigate? They failed miserably.



Not banned on CH but can’t stand the redesign so gave up on them.

Anywhoo… I love braising! I haven’t done much of it over the last year or so because the weather has been too warm year round at my neck of the woods. But I love an Irish stew, a pot roast, soups, pulled chicken or pork (those are wet by my methods), ratatouille etc.

I’m in my first few months with a pressure cooker so I’m learning a new method. Love, love, love split pea soup from the pressure cooker! I haven’t had the balls to try pot roast or beef stew in it yet. So far it’s just been beans.



I made a comment in one of the threads about unfamiliar posters showing up to tout the changes, too. But more oblique and it was left up. So obvious. SMH.


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I think you could incorporate seafood into a typical batter to make a savory waffle, but I was using Atlantic redfish (ocean perch) fillets, just seasoned and oiled. They were not more than a half inch thick, and it’s a firmer fish than flounder and some of the other small fillets we get from the Community Supported Fishery. So I gave it a try. Happily, it was cool today, so I did my default bake-over-cooked-rice-mixed-with-seafood-stuffing for today’s single, large, haddock fillet. Usually I top the fish with shredded vegetables mixed with teriyaki sauce before baking, but today it was TJ’s version of canned fried onions, drizzled with creamy dill salad dressing. This makes 3 portions.

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All these familiar faces

I do way more dry than wet cooking

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scubadoo. My old kitchen knife master. :slight_smile:



Chem, glad to see you here. Got fed up or kicked off CH?



I definitely do a lot more dry cooking.

I don’t have the time for long braises right now, and am not too fond of poaching.

If blanching counts I do that often, but then finish with dry cooking.

In the winter moist cooking is increased slightly with miso soup, nabe and curry.


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Neither. Between the two, closer to “fed up”. Actually, I didn’t even know about a lot of people got kicked out from CHOWHOUND. I still don’t fully understand what is going on. I do find the new redesigned CHOWHOUND confusing, but not to the point of fed up.

I just noticed that there are few posting on CHOWHOUND and a lot of old dogs disappeared. So I just decided to look for better opportunity