Do You Send Food Gifts For The Holidays?

Oh I forgot, I did send something this year. I bought other cousins a Rancho Gordo Bean Club membership.


@Phoenikia My mom swears by!


It turns out Toque doesn’t ship to the US. At least there is no such option online. I didn’t try to call. Too bad, because their cakes look beautiful.

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That’s a great gift! But I thought there are 11,000 people on the wait list for that. How did you get one now?

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Lemon meltaways?
These are not in our family’s Xmas recipes.
What’s entailed? I’m intrigued.


I’ve toyed with the idea of sending food, but never done.

All this year I’ve been trying to figure out how to share my garden bounty with friends at home on the east coast.

Most recent grand idea was limoncello -then I learned alcohol can’t be sent. Sigh.

So now I’m thinking preserved myer lenons and key limes, which I have in abundance at the moment. Sous vide, so they’re already sealed and flat, and can be mailed without todo in a padded envelope.

Another thought is orange olive oil cake - I have a giant bag of oranges I carried back from thanksgiving, and looking for creative things. Have never made marmalade either, might look that up.

And finally, I froze figs this summer because I was “too busy” to make jam then, but that might be a nice thing to mail too, as it can be vacuum sealed and packed flat like the lemons.

Open to other ideas!


I’ll post the recipe for you @bbqboy. Very simple and the thing that makes them sooo meltaway is there’s no egg, baking soda or powder, just cornstarch. Everybody goes crazy over them. But beware, if you send them you have to insulate them really well because they’re delicate.


I really wish I could get Trader Joe’s mailed to me (or delivered). It’s what I’ll miss most this time of year.


my family is living in many-many various countries of the world, I tend to send all sweets everyone from my family loves to all members


I sent some food from a favourite butcher shop, to be delivered to 2 friends in my city (delivery by car, not mailed or shipped) One received a tourtiere, some locally made bacon and a fancy local eggnog. The other will receive some local Cheddar, local Genoa salami and pb bacon cookies.


Yep, this is true. I was on the waitlist for about 2 years. Are you signed up for the RG newsletter? If not, put yourself on the waitlist and signup for the newsletter for updates. I’m such a RG Bean freak I started a thread about them on my local food board. :relaxed:


Those are great ideas! :yum:

Oh I like it!

Can I see? I made some in vacuum sealed last year to see if it would work, and it was fine, but I had more trouble with sealing the bags this weekend.

Last season;

This season; Couldn’t get all the air out!

Also planning to send pepper jelly, plum ketchup, chili powder and BBQ spice blends with dried peppers from my garden, spiced pecans, chocolate bark, and tea from Turkey.
Or maybe I’ll just send something from Amazon or that D’Artagnan gift box from Costco.

Thanks for the heads up @Auspicious !


Found this when looking for threads on tempering chocolate.

Also this one, with pretzel and toffee bites.

About tempering chocolate for chocolate bark
Joy of Baking

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I want those chocolate-dipped apricots they sell! Swooon!

This looks a lot like nut or poppy seed strudel in Austria, with yeast dough… probably regional spillover from the empire years…?

They look lovely! Great save. And I love the doily. (Old post, I know).

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