Do you own a dedicated crepe pan ?

Hi all,

I wonder if any of you own a dedicated crepe pan or if you just use a regular frying pan for the job ?

Also I’m interested in hearing, if you make any crepe dishes from the salty kitchen (I’m not so much into the sweet kitchen)

If you own a dedicated crepe pan, what brand and size is it ?

Did you wish you owned another type pan or size pan for crepes than the one you already own ?

Have a great day.

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I have 2 dedicated crepe pans and love them. I’m not home now, so can’t see the brand. They are from WS, imported from France, and are black carbon steel. They work very well and never get washed in the DW. If you’re making crepes for more than 1-2 people, I’d definitely advise getting 2. I think they are about 8 inches in diameter, or a close metric measurement to that. We make mostly sweet crepes for breakfast, but I’m wanting to make some savory ones also for dinner. Have found it helpful to rest the batter after blending. I’ve tried using them for cooking homemade flour tortillas, but it didn’t work as well as my cast iron skillet. The crepe pans would be useful for heating commercial tortillas though.


Perhaps Matfer Bourgeat or De Buyer Mineral B/Carbone Plus crepe pans ?

I will only be making crepes for the salty kitchen.

I’m looking to get a crepe pan in 30 cm/12” size as I want it to have a large size, first of all because I want an ultra thin large crepes (so I can roll a large amount of filling inside the crepe) and secondly because I’m lazy and will sauter the filling for the crepe in the very same flat crepe pan first.

My first thought was to get a De Buyer Mineral B crepe pan in 30 cm, but as I’m not that much worried about ceramic non stick cookware as others are, I’ll most likely be going for a Mauviel M’STONE 30 cm ceramic non stick crepe frying pan.

FYI I totally respect people who boycott non stick pans for health and political reasons. I’m not going into this kind of debate here, as I don’t think it’ll lead to anything positive for the topic of this thread.
I do own 6 carbon steel pans already and use them frequently for high heat searing.

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Let us know what you end up with. Yes, bigger size sounds good for your purposes. Mine, since they’re dedicated to just crepes, function as nonstick, since they just slide right outta there.

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I have a copper crepe pan made by Mauviel and it’s lovely and works fine. However I recently came upon an electric crepe maker by Tibos. It’s a unitasker that isn’t necessary, but it makes cooking crepes more fun and I’m happy I found it.


I use a non-stick frying pan. Works for me. We also own a set of these, which my husband used to prefer, but he is slowly migrating to the frying pan as well.

I often make savory crepes. Baked versions might include stuffed/rolled with seafood in cream sauce, or perhaps asparagus with ham and a cheese sauce. Most often simply folded with cold-smoked salmon and cream cheese or mayo. I’ll often add herbs to the batter.

Two nights ago I made a savory, stacked gateau de crepes with spinach and mornay.

We also like a sweet crepe with ricotta filling (baked) and berry coulis on top


I have a little Mauviel M steel, but I use it beyond crepes. It’s a perfect egg fryer; crepes and tortillas as well. Love that little guy. Well constructed piece of cookery.


I don’t really make crepes, but I have a dedicated omelette pan.
It would work well for crepes.
It’s just a simple tefal (non stick) bought on special, for about 9 or 10 U$


I have the basic Nordic Ware 10 inch pan. I don’t make crepes daily or even monthly- pancakes are more likely. A few years ago, I gifted a relative a Red-Dot winner crepe pan, I believe it was either DeBuyer or BK brand. That pan sees more use for pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and French toast than crepes from what I have been told.


I have a 7” Lagostina steel crepe pan that I bought an eternity ago for $20; wish I had bought two. I make plain basic crepes, eaten with butter and jelly for breakfast, or used to make crepes Suzette.


I have a little no name black steel pan, 24 cm. It was dedicated for a while but is now used for eggs as well. For heating tortillas, commercial or home made, I just drape them directly over the gas flame and turn them with tongs, sometimes with fingers. I like a little char.


That little char means everything to my wife. Just makes the taco, enchilada, etc. perfect. I don’t have gas, so I use this pan for smaller tortillas and just spray ( I just fill a spray bottle with corn oi) the hot pan, lay the tortilla (one side basted with homemade chile sauce) down and let it brown, pull it off, add cheese to half of the tirillas and crema to the other, throw back in pan to melt, and you’re ready for filling. That little bit of chile sauce cooked on adds some love that I dig.


I never really make crepes but if I’d make them I’d use my non stick Le Creuset pan.




I rely on two sizes of vintage Nordic Ware. Non-stick. Over time, I’ve bought several, sharing with son, one in the country, in town. Both sweet/neutral to eat “out of hand” and savory, “crepe complete” with ham and egg, or rolled and baked with dusting of Gruyere. These pans are no-worry, no special care, never stick, perfect lacy browning.


Nordic is good stuff and reasonable. I acxtually bought my Mauviel for eggs more than crepes. It’s pretty small, so 7"(ish) crepes.

Yes, de buyer blue steel in two sizes. Used for dosai, crepes, and other flatbreads, that’s it.

I really like them for eggs and other stuff as well, but then the seasoning had to be fixed every time I wanted to make a dosa, so I stopped. (Crepes are more forgiving.)

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Yes. I have had it for at least 45 years.

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I have one from Bialetti, a NA thick anodized aluminum pan is very even (and a second in second kitchen). I’ve also used the Demeyere searing pan as a secondary pan, and it works just fine if you heat it and then smear a dab of butter. It releases just fine. A standard SS will work as well, with the proper heating and a bit more butter.


Yes, I have a de Buyer carbon steel crepe pan I received as a gift. I use it to make over easy eggs, it has never seen a crepe.

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