Do you fry eggs in butter, veg oil, olive oil, or something else?

I switched from unsalted butter to olive oil to save a few calories, but I’m not crazy about the flavor. I think the butter was tastier. For scrambled eggs I don’t mind the olive oil, but for fried eggs (over-easy) it definitely tastes odd to me.

Which do you use? Any healthy recommendations that taste good?

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I use olive oil but add a sliver of butter. Some days I just use bacon grease!


Bacon grease! Yum! Might not help my diet though.


IF I’m also having bacon, then, yep, bacon grease it is. But usually I’m not, so then it’s butter.


For fried eggs, I think grapeseed oil is better than olive oil… much more neutral flavor. That grassy, green flavor from olive oil just tastes weird with eggs. Butter or bacon grease is my favorite from a taste standpoint.


It’s a rare occurance that I fry an egg but when I do it’s in sunflower oil.

I rarely fry eggs, but when I do it’s whatever I have on hand. Usually it’s oil and a bit of butter thrown in. I agree with the ‘greasy’ feel of pure olive oil, which is why I also prefer non-stick pans for cooking eggs. It cuts down on the oil I need to use to lessen that greasy egg smell and taste.

pssst… olive oil has more calories than butter.

I use butter, semi-salted.

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Started using grapeseed oil a few months back and love it. Occasionally use butter. If I’m out of grapeseed then peanut or lard. Tried olive oil for a bit and didn’t like it.

I recently bought my first non-stick fry pan in a decade, just for the eggs, and I’m loving it. Using minimal oil, sometimes none.

I’ll try the grapeseed, and sunflower oils. A neutral flavor would be better than olive oil.

Butter or bacon grease. BTW, all oils have the same amount of calories, ounce for ounce. The only difference is the type of fat they contain (i.e. saturated, unsaturated, trans, etc.). Butter has slightly fewer calories than oil because it’s not pure fat - it’s about 15% water by weight. Once the water has cooked out, the remaining fat is calorically the same as all other oils.


119 vs. 102.

Ok, now I’m confused. I checked my olive oil and butter nutrition labels, and the butter has 100 calories per tablespoon, and the olive oil has 50 calories per tablespoon. So, if some of the butter is water, I need to use less butter to make it equal? I’ve never measured how much I put in the pan, so I can’t say if I’ve used equal amounts butter or olive when frying the eggs.

the olive oil number is not correct.


If I have some around, duck fat… but I mostly use butter. Or bacon grease. Or chicken fat, for that double poultry fix :grin:


1TB of almost any kind of fat= 100 cal +- with different fat composition of saturated va unsaturated etc.

For frying an egg you really don’t even need a TB, a tsp is fine, or use a grapeseed oil or other neutral oil cooking spray and save the butter for the toast alongside

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Either the label is wrong or your olive oil isn’t pure oil. ALL pure fats (including olive oil) have 9 calories per gram, and a tablespoon of oil weighs approximately 13.5g, or approximately 120 cals.

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You’re right! I read the label incorrectly. It has 120 calories per tablespoon. It has 50 servings per container , which is what I misread. Thanks!

Yep, what SP1 said.

I use butter or coconut oil spray.

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