Disliking "likes"

I’m 99.8% sure that’s not it. Now that I’ve had more time to think about this, I believe CH set up a new forum/category specifically targeting newcomers. So they’d feel more welcome in asking Q’s/ posting topics. Voting was anonymous so you couldn’t see who liked and disliked replies. Nobody else remembers this?? lol

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No! But if it was a place for newcomers, I might well have never looked at it. Here’s a list of all the forums - do you see the one you’re thinking of?


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I remember this brief discussion.


Nope. Nothing on the list rings a bell.

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It would have been embedded under Site Talk, as it would be here I imagine.

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I did a cursory scan around there, but I didn’t see anything. Here’s one of the “snapshots,” so you can see what I’ve been looking at:

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Hmm… I haven’t thought much about the knife&fork icon there, so I suppose this confirms the initial thought that this is just a button that doesn’t provoke much thought. Sometimes I really don’t have more to add, and I don’t know how much value there is to scroll through a bunch of posts that might just be re-affirming that same sentiment. The “like” button is a more succinct version of that.

For me the button can be: agree, genuinely interesting, amusing, or helpful, or I just like the content and appreciate someone sharing it.

I guess I appreciate that it’s just vague enough to allow for acknowledgment, but also not so specific that it shuts down a thread.

If it’s helpful - I never expect people to like my post back. Just read and move on, or read and respond. Heck, if I’m posting and getting only crickets, that’s ok too.


I have “seen” people who are desperately pursuing likes/post qty/etc.
I’d bet everyone has noticed posters who absolutely must contribute something to a thread - which generally goes along the lines of: “I have no idea but I wanted to add that.”

I do not participate for likes. don’t give a hoot for or against.
I don’t pay any attention to ‘likes’
if I think I can contribute something worthwhile to the point, I do.
if not, I don’t.

I do get riled when ‘the people in charge’ - admins or mods - ignore / overlook / tolerate out-of-bounds behavior. just because someone has thousands of posts does not grant them the right to misbehave.


But where’s the fun in that?!

To me the button is the least effort interaction one can provide a poster — all those things you mention, but especially when one doesn’t have more of a reply, it’s better than leaving someone with crickets.

It’s not meant to be a popularity contest, or some clique-y reinforcement, though some people over the years certainly take it as such (this is not the first thread or discussion about it, for example).


Where is all this ‘out of bounds’ behavior? I love drama when it doesnt involve me. :slight_smile:


But what if you agree with the post for essentially the same reason as that poster stated?

I’ve visited discussion boards without any way to indicate agreement (whether “heart”, “+1”, for “fork”) and the threads tend to get clogged with people commenting nothing more than that they agree with the post.


I entirely dropped out of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for many reasons but one of the foremost reasons is what the OP talks about (another HUGE one for me is that it made me competitive, something which I had never been before.)

As I’ve stated before, this is really the ONLY board of any type where I comment on (I’ve never started a thread here and that will likely remain the case). I do click on the knife and fork emoji to either show my agreement with a post/comment, but I must admit that I sometimes do it for the wrong reasons (it’s complicated!)

I spend a lot of time on this site:

because there’s NO way to “like” a post or comment. There are times I wish there were, but overall I appreciate the fact that I cannot do it. That being said, I never post/comment there because there are some aggressive people on the site and I have no desire to deal with any such people.

Regarding Hungry Onion, what keeps me coming back here is the sense of camaraderie, a feeling of “belonging” (somewhat redundant, I know) and a general lack of trolling (sadly a complete lack seems impossible).

But I absolutely do understand what the OP feels and have on occasion felt it myself.


Exactly. Whereas I’m replying to your post, @tcamp to say I just :heart: the hell out of your profile pic with those two bouncy pups!


No recollection either. I don’t think it was a thing.

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I like all your wfd pics . Recipes and advice . Coffee and a pastry in the morning. Whats not to like . The morning news about food .


I liked what you wrote.

It’s usually just a nod or a little validation, and it fires up my dopamine to like a lot.


I think acknowlegement about hits the buttton per @saregama. Its a worthwhile post, I might want to tip my hat, or remember it, but I have nothing to add which warrants a reply. Can do without all thecuteness of emojis that might be coming - too old to want to learn all the nuances of modern emoji practice.


How does it help you remember anyone’s post/comment? I don’t think there’s a separate or special place where the things we forked show up (unless I’m mistaken).

As for the emojis, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. Whether it’ll be an improvement for this site, however, remains to be seen.

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There is.


Gosh, I learn something new here every day! I guess I should familiarize myself with this site more, given that I occasionally stop in :wink: