Disliking "likes"

On the one hand, isn’t it cool that you can track yourself and others in such detail? On the other hand, :grimacing:.


Wait, you can track other people’s activities like ‘forks given,’ etc., too?

A feast for obsessives (or terribly bored) foiks!

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Yeah, that’s how I linked to your “likes.”

Well now yer creeping me out (having just watched baby reindeer).


Don’t invite me over without locking your medicine cabinet, just sayin’.


You’ll find my alternative selection of meds (gins and MMJ) far more intriguing, trust.

Fork you. Just fork you all.


Bahahahaha. Love it.

I was a Realtor way back in the day and some of my colleagues put marbles in the master bedroom medicine cabinet during Open Houses. They make a rather noticeable noise when people opened the medicine cabinet.
Or so i have been told.


:rofl: Genius.

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I 've heard that medicine cabinet ploy claimed many times before. I wondered if it ever actually happened, and how it could actually be set up.


I never did it at first because i never had anything stolen from a home i held open.
And then two kids i thought were with the couple they arrived with apparently stole muscle relaxant meds from my clients. Or someone else did.
I was furious w whoever took the meds and disappointed in myself for not preventing the theft.
But i never stacked marbles in a medicone cabinet.

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I’ve heard about this done as a prank, with ping-pong balls.

On another of the Discourse-run `sites I visit, there was one very caustic dude who was forever “like stalking” so he could complain about people liking others’ posts but not his.

This drove a pretty large number of people to make their profiles private, so that the guy would have to do it manually - clicking on every individual post to make his record of likes vs being able to see a user’s full set. Only a relative few here on HO that I’ve noticed seem to have private profiles, which I see as a credit to both the community here and the moderation, as someone like Mr. Caustic would have gotten suspended here right quick.

The only reason I go to someone’s profile is to be able to search their comments when I recall they’ve put out a particular recipe but can’t remember what thread. But that no longer works (what I mean is, limiting a search to that one member, from their profile page, stopped working a few weeks back), so I just go to the advanced search page now anyway.

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Sometimes I wish our location was in the profile so the poster’s viewpoint and regional identity was present, but on the whole it doesn’t really matter.


You can if you wish (at least, the functionality is still buried in there, but I haven’t tried it myself (* - see edit - it works)).

Go to your profile, click on Preferences. Once you do, in smaller print will show “Account/Security/Profile” etc.

Click on Profile, then scroll down to location. Type in any recognized city and let it autofind, select it, then scroll all the way down to save your changes.

I think very few people use this (looks like about 42), but if you check out the users map tab you can look at members who have done so.


ETA - I’ve temporarily listed my location as the capital of Tanzania, for no particular reason (quote attributed to F. Gump).

If you click my avatar, the location does show up. [ETA for any follow-on readers, I’ve removed my location pin again now.]

I also now show up on the user map.


I had no idea, along with almost everyone else :wink:


Digging a little deeper, very few of those 42 have more than just a few minutes “reading time”, so they’re basically one-offs who popped in then didn’t come back. And in some cases marketers, or a suspended spam acct.


The tutorial bot on this iteration of Discourse is better than some (much better than, say, the SDMB), but it doesn’t dig into stuff much.

The main reason I dug to find the location feature is because two of our more prolific folks do have a location pin displayed if you happen to click on their profile. But then I forgot about it and had to dig again prompted by your comment.

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Interesting, because on the old Roadfood site location was all important since we were talking about our travels in search of regional delicacies and treasures.