Dish Bistro and Wine Bar, Mahopac, NY– Revisited and Never Again

We went to Dish a few weeks ago and did enjoy it. Here is the post I did back then. Went back last night to a completely different experience. We were seated at a table for two that was not particularly comfortable, but there were not many other options so we didn’t say anything. It took about ten minutes for the person who seated us to come over and see what kind of water we wanted. She seated us, knew we were there, yet it took her 10 minutes to come over. I joked I’d love a drink and she said she would send our server – which took about another 5 minutes. He was a very sweet young man, but. We finally ordered our food and DH had the “Tuna Bites” – tuna poke served on a crispy rice cake with pickled cucumber, avocado, wasabi and sriracha aioli. The server asked if he wanted a fork or chop sticks, but the dish could not be eaten with either. It was easier to eat if the little cakes were picked up and eaten by hand. The problem was soy sauce was served on the side in a little cup that was not wide enough to dip the cake into, so you had to pour it over then bring it to your mouth – and in our case, while wearing a white shirt!!! But it was very beautiful and DH liked it. On to the main course. Well, about an hour later. I was so hungry I asked about bread but they don’t do bread service. My server brought us some of the grilled bread that came with another dish which I really appreciated. Food was coming out very slowly, one table at a time, so you kind of knew where you stood in the scheme of things if you were paying attention. And really not full tables at a time. A couple of guests at a time. DH ordered the Bistro Steak Frites again and I went for the duck again – half duck roasted on the bone. The food had obviously been ready and out sitting under the heat lamp for quite a while before we got it. The steak was tough and cold – the bone marrow butter on top never melted – barely softened. The truffle parm fries looked great but they had been out of the fryer too long and had that hollow inside over cooked fries can get. We ate them – it was still the best thing there. My duck was not the half duck it was last time but two legs, which was not what I expected but ok – but I could barely get the meat off of. We were quite disgusted at this point and when the waiter came to clear our half full plates he asked if everything was ok and we said no and told him the issues. Too bad. Nothing but a dessert menu came our way. We should have sent the food back, I know, but we had been there two hours already and I was starving. We were afraid we’d have to wait another hour for food. Then the biggest insult of all – the check. The bill came to $151 BEFORE tip. My husband never gets upset even I the meal at a restaurant is awful, but last night, boy was he. I think it was the combination of waiting so long for food, having to really work to get a server, the bad food and the bill. We will not be giving them another chance and I am honestly thinking about writing to the chef/owner. When customers convey that they are unhappy with a meal, something should be done by the staff – dessert, drink, take something off the price, or even and apology. We got none of that. Crossed off our list -Dish Bistro.

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Wow what a nightmare! So disappointing. They really dropped the ball there. Hope they will read this.

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Sounds like inexperienced service.

That’s awful. The price was ridiculous. Sorry to hear it – the owner should have done something to try to make it right.

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