Dish Bistro and Wine Bar, Mahopac, NY

We had dinner at Dish in Mahopac last night and dinner was quite good. The place is very small and we were seated at the world’s smallest table for two! I’m glad the menu itself was not oversized as I would have lit it on fire in the candle (I’ve done that before!). The menu itself was small (in size, not variety) and presented with pages like a book, which explains why reading it on line was so strange with appetizers appearing after mains. DH started with a margarita, served in a tiny margarita, not martini, glass, which put him off, but the drink was good. I opted for a chardonnay and it was very good. I should note that most of the wines on their list are available by bottle or glass and glass prices ranged from about $9 to $18 a glass.

The menu apparently changes on a daily basis, so there were several items that were not on the online version of the menu. My eyes immediately went to the ½ roasted duck – YES – on the bone - and stayed there. My husband was thinking of an appetizer night but settled on the roasted marrow bone appetizer and the bistro steak & frites. I shared the marrow bone. It was one bone served with a house made grainy mustard and pickled onions, arugula and grilled croutons. The marrow bone was not as good as the ones at Fortina or even Stanziato’s, and needed the accompaniments. We also had to ask for salt – it usually is served with large salt crystals on top. This needed it. It was good, don’t get me wrong. Had I not had the other comparisons I would have liked it better. The steak my husband had was porcini dusted served with smoked marrow butter, white truffle parmesan fries and crispy shallots. It was absolutely delicious and, wow, the fries. And it was priced out less expensive than my duck at $29 to the duck’s in the mid $30s. The duck was excellent. It had a candied cherry and cardamom glaze and no sauce, but it was oh so succulent. It was served with a rice that had red peppers in it which I thought was kind of weird but it worked ok. I was too busy stealing my husband’s fries to eat much of that! No dessert, just expresso for us.

As I mentioned, the menu changes at least daily (they are open for lunch too) but the burgers are always there. Oh and their are tons of typo’s! There are four burgers to choose from and the 3 meat ones are all Waygu. One is a classic with cheddar for $19, one a surf and turf with a butter poached lobster tail for $29 and the other with foie gras for $37. There is also a veggie burger offered.

I will say, I thought the price was a bit high. For what we ate and two drinks each the bill came to $141 before tip. But the food was good, the service excellent (very nice server) and I will go back. And hope the duck is there, because duck on the bone is my favorite!!!


Great review! Mahopac is a little out of the way for us but I’ll keep this place in mind. The burgers sound terrific!

Thanks!! Yes, it is definitely a trek for you!!

Sounds like a nice meal! Is this place new?

It’s been around for a while, but different owners. The first was supposed to be very good, and she was actually on Chopped. The second, not so much, and I think this is the third.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it. While they claim that the menu changes every day, I think it’s pretty constant in terms of entrees like the steak and duck, and even many of the appetizers.

If looks like the current chef/owner has owned the place since late 2013, which is when the NYT reviewed them (rated Good). I agree that the prices seem high. If you think it’s small now, you should have seen it befor ethey expanded. Most of the section to the left of the bar area is new, so it basically doubled in size.

I hate typos in restaurant menus. However, some places take criticism of said errors better than others. I’m convinced that one of the owners of Umami (not Jonathan Pratt) dislikes me to this day because of typos I pointed out on the menu on their website. Fortunately in the case of DIsh, at least they’re paying attention to the food.

LOL - expanded? Wow. [quote=“MisterBill, post:6, topic:9095”]
I hate typos in restaurant menus.

One of the typos was no price next to the Yakitori appetizer. The server was very nice when I asked if it was free. She was gracious about the typos! We are going back in a few weeks with friends. We’ll see how it is then. I usually feel I can recommend a place after a few good meals! How was Valley during HVRW? Now that it’s light out later we will head back up.

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