Dim Sum HODown: West Lake - December 1st 11am at West Lake in Matawan [NJ]

(David) #103

Welcome and we’re looking forward to having you at the next one.

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You found us!! :slight_smile:



Welcome aboard! There are some great people here and I think you will enjoy it. Feel free to start some new threads. We’re always looking for cool food ideas and places :slight_smile: invite some family and friends too…the more the merrier.



I’ll fess up…I was at dim sum with Ron because I had been at a WHOPPER of a foodie holiday party (if you follow me on IG you know) the night before, and some of those people are involved with this FB group. And they were going to Crown Palace, so I couldn’t say no, as it’s closer to me than them AND I’d never been. I’ll post my thoughts on the Chinese food thread, but welcome, Ron!



That’s cool. I don’t do any social media so I’m out of that world (minus some work stuff)

Glad too see a new NJ member.

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(Ron) #108

I couldnt wait to find yas. And you really impressed me with your Foodie knowledge… i want to get together again. Your close to me, Im in Howell…

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(Ron) #109

Thank you @corvette_johnny I was lucky enough to meet @CurlzNJ over the weekend and she told me about this page. I look forward to some meet ups and meeting new friends.



Welcome to the party!

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(Junior) #111

@Tront0805 yes welcome to the party!!! Cover charge is $ 20. for a red solo cup for unlimited refill’s from the kegger in the back yard. Since you are still pledging for the Tau-Kappa-Ho’s I welcome you to enjoy, look around and make yourself at home. Sooner than you know it you will be a full fledged member and starting your own topics, threads and the benefits that at Tau-Kappa-Ho enjoys! In the mean time swallow this gold fish and enjoy the party!!!

@CurlzNJ congratulations on the recruitment, you on on your way to your to your very own Hungry Onion Holiday toaster for meeting your recruitment goals!!!

If you haven’t noticed by now I’m the resident smart a** (depending on who you ask, I’m either the smart or dumb a**)… I’m also one of the moderators of the NJ board along with my deputy @seal so if you have any specific questions or problems please feel free to reach out to either of us. (although I’m pretty sure @CurlzNJ can answer anything as well as we can, you don’t earn the Holiday Toaster by chance) Sooooooo welcome to Hungry Onion and enjoy !!!


(Ron) #112

Thanks @NotJrvedivici for the warm welcome. I kind of got that impression of you before you even replied to me :slight_smile: … All good, I like people who like to laugh and also can be serious and tell it like it is… Whens the next
meet up?


(Junior) #113

I don’t think we have one scheduled yet. I know @CurlzNJ was looking to do one at Drew’s in Keyport after the Holiday’s but I don’t think anything has been confirmed at this point. Keep an eye out and you should see something posted in the near future.


(Junior) #114

I also just noticed you said you are from Howell, do tell me some local favorite spots in that area. The greater Howell/Jackson/Southern Freehold area has been a bastion void of any decent culinary options. I can’t tell you of one destination worthy restaurant in those areas for the 24 years I’ve lived in Monmouth County. Outside the decent Italian restaurant adjoining a pizza delivery I can’t think of anything else. So do you have any hidden gems?

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(Evelyn C. Leeper) #115

My Vietnamese doctor likes the Vietnamese restaurant on Route 9 in Howell. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if that is Vietnam Bistro or Miss Saigon.

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Welcome @Tront805.



(Roz Rappaport) #117

@eleeper, It’s Vietnam Bistro. We had lunch there once a long time ago. I have no idea what we ate. Presuming I took photos, I’ll see if I can find them on my Flickr.




Sorry about the typo in your name. Not only am I a terrible typist I can’t proof-read to save my life. Not a great combination and one the reasons I don’t post that often.

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(David) #119

Vietnam Bistro is our local go to for pho - their broth is excellent. They do have a full Vietnamese menu as well and most of what we’ve had has been good.

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(Junior) #120

@MsBean if there is one thing you should take away from knowing me it is; You shouldn’t let being illiterate hold you back! My inability to type, proof read or structure a coherent sentence makes you look like a Rhodes Scholar!



It is “road scholar” for God’s sake! :smile:

I watched national lampoons the other night for like the 20th time. What a classic movie. Holiday roooooaaaaad.


(Junior) #122

Exactly !!! (just noticed the “3K Post Club” next to your name, did you do that or is the site doing that automatically, I don’t ever recall seeing that before)

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