Dim Sum HODown: West Lake - December 1st 11am at West Lake in Matawan [NJ]

(David) #103

Welcome and we’re looking forward to having you at the next one.


You found us!! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard! There are some great people here and I think you will enjoy it. Feel free to start some new threads. We’re always looking for cool food ideas and places :slight_smile: invite some family and friends too…the more the merrier.


I’ll fess up…I was at dim sum with Ron because I had been at a WHOPPER of a foodie holiday party (if you follow me on IG you know) the night before, and some of those people are involved with this FB group. And they were going to Crown Palace, so I couldn’t say no, as it’s closer to me than them AND I’d never been. I’ll post my thoughts on the Chinese food thread, but welcome, Ron!


That’s cool. I don’t do any social media so I’m out of that world (minus some work stuff)

Glad too see a new NJ member.

(Ron) #108

I couldnt wait to find yas. And you really impressed me with your Foodie knowledge… i want to get together again. Your close to me, Im in Howell…

(Ron) #109

Thank you @corvette_johnny I was lucky enough to meet @CurlzNJ over the weekend and she told me about this page. I look forward to some meet ups and meeting new friends.


Welcome to the party!