Dim Sum HODown: West Lake - December 1st 11am at West Lake in Matawan [NJ]

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Here’s what we need for the next Dim Sum HO Down:


Nice pics! That looks like quite the spread. Did you have any spicy dishes?


There really wasn’t much with any heat to it… I guess it’s one of the reasons I prefer dinner at Sichuan Cottage, but I agree with what’s been said- first and foremost, the company makes it fun! For me, my ongoing complain about dim sum is it’s just dumping after dumpling after dumpling… And in the case of our meal yesterday, far too many shrimp items vs anything else! That was unusual. Here are the two pics I have:


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Oh and congratulations to @joonjoon & @CurlzNJ on the announcement of their pending nuptials!!

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From looking at that pic it seems @gcaggiano is using a profile pic that’s about 25 years old!


We’re thrilled that you agreed to officiate!

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I resemble that remark!


So who put down the most dumplings? :smile:

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Greg by far.

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You guys are too much.

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(( I’ve got to admit the thought that I’m turning into a cyber bully has crossed my mind!! All in good fun I hope ))

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I see that @NotJrvedivici brought his dog to the HODown :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey!!! That’s my wife !!! ( joke shhhhh)

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And I thought he brought his @seal

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I know you think you’re safe because your wife doesn’t read this board…but I do, and you know I have her on speed dial. Luckily for you I adhere to Ho-merta, the Ho version of Omerta.

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Thanks! Kimchi does deserve its own topic.

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I sincerely apologize. My wife had a Groupon for Liberty Science Center and neglected to tell me it was only good through THAT day, so once again I got screwed out of a HO outing. And unfortunately, I didn’t have time to let you all know until now.

My sincerest apologies. I believe I am 0 for 2 now. Third time’s a charm!

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Wish I joined this site a couple of weeks sooner. We had a dim aum meet up yesterday.

I look forward to attending others.