Dim Sum HODown: West Lake - December 1st 11am at West Lake in Matawan [NJ]


The results of the survey are in…
There were 21 responses, and 52.38% of you voted for Saturday, Dec. 1st at 11am, so that’s when we’re HODowning. (Fwiw, the next closest choice wasn’t close; it was 19.05%.)

Please join us! So many of you post regularly and say you want to come to one of these gatherings, while others are lurking, and we know you want to see our smiling faces IN PERSON…

As with any dim sum experience, we’ll share many MANY plates, so it’s nearly impossible to guess the cost per person, but I’d estimate it around $30pp. If someone who’s a regular there feels otherwise, please chime in! I’m just the organizer. :slight_smile:

RSVP with the total number in your party below by Tues. 11/27, as the restaurant won’t take the reservation now. Trust me, I tried.


Thanks for setting it up. I’m planning on coming and I am trying to convince a friend to come with. She isn’t a HO’er so hopefully you guys will let her in!


Great! Looking forward to meeting you! And absolutely YES re: your friend…there’s no HO requirement to attend; I drag friends along all the time. :blush:

(Jeff) #4

Michelle and I will be attending

(Dan) #5

You’re a hilarious bunch and I enjoy reading about your HOdowns, chef table dinners, new food finds and laughs along the way. Why I follow along online later rather than drive over to the restauarant is portions. I marvel at the consumption. God bless ya.


NEW Survey!!! (NJ peeps)
(Junior) #6

Nah…I’m pretty sure I’m the only idiot who gorged themselves during any of our Ho’ downs. Please don’t let that be the reason that holds you back, we just normally all share a great meal!

(John) #7

If the weather is bad we’ll come.

(David) #8

I will definitely be there. I’m not sure if I will be solo, but I will at least eat for two.

(Joon) #9

I’ll be thereeeeee


I’m so glad that it worked out for the 1st, because that’s the only date I can make. I’ll be there!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #11

The two of us are coming.


I’m in!!!

(Greg Caggiano) #13

I have a feeling I’ll be at this one too whether I actually show up or not.


Will Justin be (not) joining us too?

(Greg Caggiano) #15

He usually works that time Saturday but I will mention it and see if he can get off. I am hoping to [actually] be there live and in color.


Quick update on RSVPs thus far…keep 'em coming!

Curlz (2)
Gracieggg (+1?)
Bossanova 2
JoeBabbit (2 if weather is bad)
ELeeper (2)

@NotJrvedivici ? @corvette_johnny? @goodparmesan?

(Junior) #17

I’m probably flying solo on this one, the wife has too many things going on to commit, so for now just me.

(Jeff) #18

Hmmm, @CurlzNJ gives every pair (even if uncertain) parentheses around the number, but not me. She even gave herself parentheses, but not me. Just a lonely number 2, no parentheses in sight. Sigh… :disappointed::frowning_face:


What you’re witnessing here ladies and germs, is @bossanova volunteering to run the next event!

(John) #20

Were you speaking parenthetically Jeff?