Dim Sum HODown: West Lake - December 1st 11am at West Lake in Matawan [NJ]

(David) #61

I am officially changing my name to %

(Jeff) #62

I’m coming as @VikingKaj


I’m coming as Sebastian Bach. I lost 80lbs this week, started smoking and got into the hair club for men.

(John) #64

his name is my name too…


I have nametags and a Sharpie, so y’all better settle on your choices!

(Joon) #66

I have no idea how I would possibly represent my real name or handle on one name tag…


I’ve confirmed our res for 11am tomorrow, and thought I’d share the address. It’s listed as both West Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant AND as West Lake Plum House, so ymmv if you look it up. Here’s the address and phone #:

1016 State Route 34
Matawan, New Jersey 07747

(732) 290-2988

Looking forward to i! I’ll be there a few mins early, so look for the CURLZ.


Quick reminder to please try to bring cash… TY!

(David) #69

I had a wild dream last night. In it I arrived at Westlake early. It was just after 9 am. My Cantonese is a bit rusty but I think they said I could only stay if I worked in the kitchen. Then my dream morphed into a take on the old I Love Lucy episode in the candy factory. I folded dumplings as fast as I could and threw them on a conveyor belt. I’m not certain but I think I drank absinthe for the first time last night .


I don’t know if they were the dumplings that @seal made, but we sure ate a bunch of them! Thanks to all who came out! @gracieggg great to meet you and your friend, and @marlboroman we missed you–maybe next time. Good company, + good eats = all anyone needs! :blush: I’m typing this on my laptop but will post the TWO pictures I took (we were busy eating) by phone… @eleeper I know you took a few; anyone else?


Thanks for organizing. We both had a great time and are looking forward to the next one! I loved being able to put faces to names!


Oh and I don’t know how I forget to say this before, but it was awesome meeting @gcaggiano!


I figure this is the right place to post this


@CurlzNJ - - Thank you so much for organizing today’s HODown. This was my first real Dim Sum experience and I can’t think of a better group to share it with
@gracieggg - - So nice to meet you and your friend. I hope she will be a HO soon.
@gcaggiano – I’m glad I finally got to meet you as well. You are a wonderful dining companion.
@joon – I checked about 20 Kimchi recipes. I can’t wait to try my hand at it.
@NotJrvedivici @MishyPoo @BossaNova @eleeper, @seal, @heidicooksandbakes and Karen - So great to see you all.

MsBean (Robin)


Sounds like you guys had a great time. I can’t wait to hear about the dishes you got and looking forward to some pics!


image image


This was also my first time having dim sum. The food and friendship was terrific! I am glad to have met everyone new to me, and seeing others I’ve met before. Such an interesting and lively group!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #78

Here are the pics I took; the quality of my tablet camera is not great.

(Junior) #79

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to break bread with some old friends and some new! @heidicooksandbakes @gracieggg such a pleasure meeting you!! (And your guest Gracie)

Since the elusive @gcaggiano who likes to “avoid” the notoriety of acknowledging his attendance insid sneak this pic as evidence of his attendance! No denying it this time!!

@BossaNova @seal @MishyPoo @MsBean @CurlzNJ @joonjoon @eleeper always a pleasure my friends!


(David) #80

It was great to have so many HOs at the table yesterday. To all my old friends, it was great to see you again. For my new friends, it was great to meet you all. The food at the Dim Sum is always fine, with my highlights being the clams in black bean sauce and the egg custard tarts.

I also want to point out that, as the only guy there with a purple sweater on, I didn’t do it :grin: