Did I cook last night?

To keep your pickles crisp, add a piece of fresh horseradish or a few grape leaves to the brine. Or you can use a bit of calcium chloride, aka Pickle Crisp, if you don’t want to add any other flavors.


Thanks basia. I’ve used grape leaves or bay leaves which are supposedly interchangeable. The grape leaves are harder (for me) to come by - only if I happen to be traveling in a certain direction. The Pickle Crisp sounds like it might be more regularly doable.

Thanks again.

LoL, Greg! My wife used to joke that she had one recipe under her belt - toasted cheese - but she burned it half the time through inattention.

She’s gotten a bit better over the years, though, especially as our kids have blossomed as good cooks she’s worked some to try to catch up.


Ok welcome to; “Did I cook last night season 1 episode 2.

Here we have tonights dinner, leftovers and pizza made with reclaimed items. I had a 3 day old loaf of “everything” bread slowly hardening in the fridge. Can of jarred tomato sauce as well as protein borrowed from my wife’s stir fry take out leftovers. Some garlic toast points made from the same left over bread.

Took the chicken and sausage from the stir fry leftovers as protein for the thick bread pizza. The remaining rice and vegetables re-heated in the microwave and the garlic toast points were god enough for any local pizza joint! Lol

I’m enjoying this now it gets me out of actually cooking. Lol I tell my wife I gotta keep my online audience entertained so I’m not giving this up anytime soon!

I hit a new goal of down 45lbs since the new year and sobriety from alcohol during the same period. Yes, I literally walked around with 45lbs of excess vodka bloat. So tonight I’m allowing a night of carb raging! Lol

Join me post some of your best “recycled” meals!


Hi, Junior:

This really is a great thing to mull.

My working definition of ‘cooking’ involves denaturing of food, by thermal or chemical means. By that measure, you qualified, if only by dint of the alliums.

Others can have looser definitions. Reheating that which is already denatured, I suppose a case can be made. Hell, some may consider popping a Pringles can to be cooking.

Glad you’re here.


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Share, please?


Both vetted and delicious.

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My husband has been spoiled regarding what he thinks of as me “cooking”. My “cheat” is freezing something and serving as if I’d just made it. He sometimes seems suspicious, I think because I am in too good a mood.


Any time you combine two things, even if they are already cooked things, and heat the new thing up it’s cooking in my book!

And if a recipe exists for it - even if no heat is involved - makes the final product cooking.


Enough about you, lets talk about me.

It’s a special treat having the honor of being the 10th person to like a post.



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My daughter seems to prefer taking a train to and from Trader Joe’s (or Whole foods - can’t recall which), to cutting up a cauliflower she could get nearby! And tries to go when there are no lines!

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This is very funny!

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